Monday, October 12, 2015

This Week's Goals

Happy Monday friends!  I just returned from an early morning walk down our country road and I feel so invigorated to tackle this week.  Where we live the leaves are beginning to change colors in such a way that every walk becomes a nature walk even if it doesn't start out that way.  I even found a Lamb's Ear plant this morning.  Does anyone know what the correct term for that plant is?  Anyway here are my goals for this week and a recap from last week.  

Last Week's Goals
1)  Attend two therapy appointments with Eva.  The happy hubby took Eva to one of her appointments so that I could squeeze in a little time for myself last week.  What a sweetheart!  
2)  Take the children to the local aquarium and spend as much time outside as possible.  We had an absolute blast at the aquarium last week with extended family!  I ended up canceling one of Eva's therapy appointments so that we could attend but I think it was well worth it.  I never do that.  (She still had 2 therapy appointments last week.)  
3)  Buy non-toxic pastels for the children and enjoy an art project together.  This was so much fun and I look forward to more pastel art projects!  You can see a few pictures of the pastels in action here.  
4)  Celebrate Eva's birthday!  Kids birthdays really are the best!  

4)  Enjoy a date night with my husband out or at home.  We enjoyed an at home date this week but I wish now that I had put a little more thought into it.  The good news is that there is always this week!  

5) Make a second gift for Eva's birthday.   I sewed Eva her first nightgown!  
6)  Purchase a new deep freeze.  I'm debating between a chest and an upright and would love to hear your thoughts.-  Okay so this didn't happen but I did go shopping at a Sear's outlet store.  
7)  Sew a baby gift using supplies I have on hand. -This didn't happen.  I decided to sew a few more items for Eva's birthday instead.  

8) Spend time writing in my journal twice this week.-  I made time for one nice long journal entry and a good chunk of time spent writing out a prayer.  

Ministry, Hospitality, & Friendships:
9)  Prepare and enjoy a visit from my friend Susie who serves as a missionary to Papua New Guinea.  She will be sharing with our church on Wednesday night.   Not only did I enjoy a visit from my friend Susie who serves as a missionary in Papua New Guinea but my friend Bethany who serves as a missionary in Nepal also stopped by the next day!!!  How awesome!  
10)  Select piano music for an upcoming wedding I will be playing this month. -Still need to hammer down my final selections.  

11)  Write two blog posts.- One is better than nothing right?  

Side Business: 
12)  Spend 4 hours working and read 50 pages of Quickbooks For Dummies.  Life was a little crazy last week since Eli ended up with a fever, bad sinus infection, and a handful of migraines.  We even had to miss co-op last week.  Thankfully everyone is feeling better this week!  

This Week's Goals
Marriage, Mothering, and Family:
1)  Go on a date with my sweet hubby.  
2)  Attend 3 appointments with Evangeline.  
3)  Eli starts Cloverbuds this month.  Cloverbuds is a fun club for children before they are old enough to join 4H.  As a former, long term 4Her myself I am super excited!  
4)  Attend a family party at a friend's home.

5)  Visit the chiropractor.
6)  Exercise 3 times this week.  (I am still working on settling into a new life routine since our life changed so drastically to include numerous appointments each week for Eva.)

7)  Sew a baby gift.  If time allows I would also like to sew one Christmas gift this week. 
8)  Have a budget meeting with the happy hubby to talk about our Christmas budget and expectations.  Let me just say that sitting down every year to specifically talk about our Christmas expectations has really helped both of us to enjoy Christmas so much more!  It also cuts down a lot of stress and drama that could potentially occur over differing expectations.  ;)  We also set a specific budget for everything Christmas related.  (Let me know if you would like to know more specifics about this as I would be happy to share.)  

Ministry, Hospitality, & Friendships:
9)  Spend time practicing the piano selections I will play for an upcoming wedding this weekend.  

Other: (I decided to group them together because they are both the items that get shoved to the back burner if my week gets crazy busy.)  
10)  Spend time helping my grandmother one afternoon this week.
11)  Work 4 hours at home.
12)  Write a blog post about Eva's Feeding Therapy.  I have had so many thoughtful friends ask about this that I really want to write about this soon. 

What are your goals for this week?  

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