Thursday, October 8, 2015

Exploring Art With Pastels

 Let me start by saying that I am not an artist.  In school it was probably my least favorite subject.  Nothing could send me into a panic faster than being told that I had to draw or paint something.  I was happy to oblige any teacher who wanted me to study for a test but ask me to do an art project and I would rather write a paper.  That being said I plan on never telling my children.  I hope that they will inherit their dad and grandmother's artistic abilities.  For now my plan is to continue purchasing real art supplies and making sure that we carve out time to use them at least once or twice a week.  This was my children's first experience with pastels and they were quite a hit!    

I picked up a nice set of NON-TOXIC pastels at JoAnn Fabrics last week.  (It is my understanding that many pastels are toxic so please be careful when purchasing.)  The kids really enjoyed creating their own masterpieces.  My cousin Anna came over to play one afternoon so she even joined the fun!

This week we studied B is for Butterfly so Eli drew a beautiful butterfly that he chose from one of our books.  Then he enjoyed coloring over the lines with the pastels.  I think he was afraid the lines would show through so he chose to color his butterfly black with yellow and blue dots.

Eva was intrigued with the pastels and ended up drawing a pink frog.  Well that's what she said anyway!

What type of art activity should we try next week? I would LOVE to hear your suggestions.  

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