Sunday, July 27, 2014

Family Day Fun: The Ohio State Fair Photos

Eli all ready to go as we enter the State Fair.  We are so thankful for our stroller! 
 This past week we were able to mark off something fun on our Emerson Family Bucket List for the summer.  We went to the Ohio State Fair.  Hooray!  It has to be one of the best state fairs around.
This was the face Evangeline wore for almost the entire day.  She was so happy! 
 I am so thankful we were finally able to visit the Ohio State Fair.  It has been 6 years since we have been.  We weren't even married back then.  :)  We were engaged at the time and I think I floated all around the fair that year.
We really enjoyed seeing the Budweiser Clydesdale horses and watching them in the parade. 
 All of the animal exhibits were superb but the horses were Elijah's favorite.
Elijah got to drive a train! 
 Our day really was filled with giggles, laughter, and lots of smiles!
I love my boys! 
 One of my favorite aspects of the fair was the natural resources section.
No trip to the Ohio State Fair would be complete without a visit to see Smokey The Bear.  
 We also enjoyed many of the exhibits and came home with lots of freebies.  I am so glad my sister Rebekah was able to tag along with us.  It was great to have her along.
Eli loved the archery exhibit.  
 I was really surprised at the number of animal exhibits at the fair.  We saw a number of birds, snakes, butterflies, and more!
No fear Elijah!  He really enjoyed petting the snake.  
 We all had a wonderful time at the fair. So glad we were able to make it this year!
I am so blessed to be married to such a loving husband and wonderful father!  
What are your favorite summer family traditions? 

Friday, July 25, 2014

Easy Peasy Southern Peach Cobbler

You will need 4 cups of fresh peaches, peeled and sliced. 
 My family loves cobblers of any kind but this one might just be my favorite.  It is incredibly easy and doesn't include any battle wounds in order to gather the fruit (like blackberry cobbler).  We often serve it when we have guests over for dinner or dessert over.

Preheat oven to 375 degrees.  Spray casserole dish with non-stick spray.  (There is probably plenty of butter in this dessert but I don't like to take any chances.)  Peel and slice 4 cups of fresh peaches OR you can use a large can of peaches (drained).

The batter
 Melt one stick of butter.  Drizzle over the peaches.  If you are as forgetful as I am and accidentally mix the butter in with all of the other ingredients it will turn out great!  You can also reduce the amount of butter if you would like to cut costs or calories.

Mix together: 1 c. all purpose flour, 1 c. sugar, 1 t. baking powder, and 1 c. milk.

Ready for the oven!
 Pour batter over the peaches and butter.  DO NOT MIX.

Bake for 40 minutes or until top is slightly browned.  In my opinion the dish is best served warm.  When I have served this after church I bake it so that it is done right as we are about to leave.  Then I just turn the oven off and leave the cobbler in the oven. When we get home it is still hot.  You could also try making it in the CrockPot.

Serve Peach Cobbler with plenty of vanilla ice cream and lots of friends.

Does your family enjoy peach cobbler?  

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Frugal Things I Did Last Week

Hooray for fresh, nearly organic produce from our garden!  

Last week I picked squash from our garden!  Yeah!  So far we have harvested 1 yellow squash and 3 zucchini.  If I had bought those 4 squash at the Farmer's Market they would have cost 3.00.  I am thinking about keeping track of what we harvest from our garden this year and how it benefits us financially.  In many ways it is hard to really put a price tag on fresh picked, hand grown produce.  The excitement on Elijah's face was priceless!

We had some good friends over for dinner this week.  I made homemade BBQ, Baked Beans, and Strawberry Poppyseed Salad.  Our friends brought a wonderful peanut butter pie.  It was so great hanging out with them.

We also had my sister and her boyfriend over for dessert after church.  I served peach cobbler with vanilla ice cream.
Elijah and Evangeline enjoyed making forts and all sorts of hide outs in our den.  

Our family headed to our local city park where we had a great time walking around the lake.

We combined errands together to save money on gas.

I purchased 10 lbs. of chicken leg quarters on sale for .59 a pound.  I cooked leg quarters twice last week.  I skinned them this time and they tasted great!

I read a book that I had ordered for free through our library's inter-library loan program.  I'm glad I didn't buy the book because it turned out to be a big disappointment.  I am thankful that I saved at least $20.

I received a free book to review in the mail.

Eva has outgrown some of her 12 month summer outfits so I opened up her next tote of size 18 months.  Thankfully there were a few summer outfits in there.  Both of our children have small wardrobes since I wash their clothes twice a week.  This means that they only have to own enough clothes for a few days.  I always do laundry when we visit family and if we stay at a cabin for vacation there is usually a washer and dryer.

The happy hubby and I used a gift card for Olive Garden.

I cut out a dress to sew for my cousin Anna.  It is a birthday present even though her birthday was a few months ago.  :)

What frugal things did you do last week?  I am trying to grow huckleberries this year.  Does anyone have any advice?  

Monday, July 21, 2014

My 10 Goals For This Week

I love sunflowers so much that I have them growing outside both of our porch steps.
Don't they make you just want to smile?

Summer is passing by way so fast!  Besides having lots of fun here are a few of the goals that I hope to accomplish this week:

Family/Marriage/Mothering Goals:
1.  Spend extra time with Elijah one afternoon this week doing something he really enjoys.
2.  Head to the drive in for a movie with the happy hubby.
3.  Plan a Family Fun day for this week or next.

Homemaking Goals:
4.  Sew a dress for my cousin Anna.  Sadly this has been on my to-do list since Easter!
5.  Garden: Pick at least one row of green beans.  Pick squash every two days.

Personal Goals:
6.  Write in my journal about goals, plans, and dreams for the fall-especially as this applies my family. 7.  Finish Chapter 2 (Job) of my new Bible Study Seeing Jesus in the Old Testament The Wisdom of God .  My sweet husband was kind enough to pick this up for me when he attended a conference.
8.  Finish reading Answering Your Kids' Toughest Questions: Helping Them Understand Loss, Sin, Tragedies, and Other Hard Topics.

Business Goals:
9.  Have business cards printed for my tutoring business.

Ministry Goals:
10.  Study and prepare to teach Sunday School next week.  I am currently teaching through the 10 Commandments.

What goals do you have for this week?  

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Making The Most of Sunday School For Your Kids

Elijah & Evangeline after Sunday School today.  (Today was the first day Eva rocked a whale spout.) 
I don't know about you but I love the fact that my children are able to attend Sunday School every week.  Brandon and I are well aware of the fact that the responsibility for teaching our children God's Word is our responsibility.  However we are so thankful that our children are part of a wonderful children's ministry where they are taught The Gospel.  Today I wanted to share a few things that we do in our family to help reinforce the learning that is taking place in Sunday School. If your church does not have Sunday School these ideas could also be applied to Wednesday Night Children's Bible Studies.     
Don't throw away those handouts when you get home from church! 
1.)  Handouts, Papers, and Mystery Art Projects:  Whatever you do don't throw away those Sunday School handouts as soon as your child walks through the door.  A Sunday School handout is a gold mine of information about what your child learned that morning.  I usually gather all of Elijah's handouts and place them on the counter.  After we have lunch I review the handout.  It usually includes lots of suggestions for discussion.

2.)  Talk about Sunday School: Ask your children what the Bible Story was about.  We often talk about Sunday School over lunch as a family.  What sorts of activities did they do in class?  What did they pray about?  What songs did they sing?  If the handout includes questions take the time to talk with them to your child.  This week Elijah learned about the story of Ananias & Saul.  

3.)  Copy the Memory Verse: I like to write the memory verse down in my planner and we try to review it while eating breakfast throughout the week.  If your child is able to write you could have them copy the memory verse.  It would be fun to have them make a poster for their door each week.  There are also a number of games you could play to help your child commit the verse to memory.  Making up a song is also very effective.  This week the memory verse is 1 Peter 5:10.  

4.)  Read the Bible Story Together: Invest in a great children's Bible.  Our personal favorite is The Jesus Storybook Bible .  Review the lesson together.  You could also read the Bible Story for next week's lesson.  Some Sunday School handouts include verses to read to your children each week.

5.)  Sing A Song: Do you know any children's songs that talk about the Bible Story or memory verse?  Try to teach them to your children.  If you are like me and have a hard time remembering then write it down on the refrigerator or in your planner.

6.)  Story Tapes: There are a number of excellent story tapes and cds which have recordings of Bible Stories.  We really enjoy the series called "The Treasure Chest".  This week I will have Eli listen to The Treasure Chest tape on Saul on the Road to Damascus or just a recording of the Scriptures. 

7.)  Finish the Handouts: My son is not always the biggest fan of coloring or worksheets so he often comes home with his unfinished.  I try to save them for him to work on later in the week while I am making dinner in the evening.

8.)  Look For Additional Activities and Think Outside The Box: If I had a child who enjoyed coloring I would probably try to find more coloring pages for them to work on throughout the week.  :)  Sometimes we re-enact the story together.  We have a set of quality Bible felts that we use on occasion to review the Bible Story.  This week I do plan on re-enacting the story of Paul and Ananias with Elijah.  We will be using a blindfold so that Eli can help visualize what it must have been like for Paul to loose his sight.    

9.)  There's An App For That: If you enjoy apps make sure to check and see if there is an app which corresponds to the curriculum your church is using.  Most curriculum's have an interactive app where your children can play different games to reinforce the lesson.
We pray that Eli will treasure God's Word. 
Not only do these activities enforce the learning that is taking place in Sunday School, but they show your child that Sunday School is important.  We value Sunday School because we value God's Word. It is our treasure.

"Your word is a lamp unto my feet and a light to my path." Psalm 119: 105

How do you reinforce what your children learn in Sunday School?  

Friday, July 18, 2014

Frugal Things I Did Last Week

We loved dressing up for free food!  

Isn't she the cutest cow you have ever seen?  

Our entire family dressed up like cows for Chick-Fil-A day.  This was the first time we have dressed up and it was SO MUCH FUN!  Such a fun memory to make with our family.  Each family member (including the baby) received a free meal and a drink.  Evangeline absolutely loved the cow that walked around.  Every time the cow walked away she would get sad.  How funny!

My sister did a great job showing her miniature horse.  

I carpooled with my family to attend two horse shows this week.  My brother and sister showed on different days which meant 2 day trips last week!  I packed a cooler filled with lunch, drinks, and snacks.  Random fact: Whenever we take a cooler along in the car I add a teether or two for Evangeline.  

We had friends over for dinner last week.  Since Eva is still a baby I made a simple meal- just a simple casserole of Chicken Almondine and Peach Cobbler.  Our friends brought along a Caesar salad.  It was just delightful catching up with good friends we hadn't seen in a few months.

I finally purchased a portable dishwasher!  Happy dance!  After living in our current house for almost 3 years I decided I wanted to try a portable dishwasher.  I cook 3 meals a day and I feel like I am spending a long time washing dishes everyday when I could be using that time for other things.  Originally I planned on purchasing a new dishwasher but after reality set in I realized that I could purchase a used dishwasher that had only been used once for about 1/5 the price of a new one (including gas).  I feel like singing when I load it!
Evangeline had a great time hiking on Daddy's back.  

Elijah made it all 2.5 miles!  
We spent a wonderful afternoon hiking at East Fork Lake.  We hiked 2.5 miles which was about the perfect length for Elijah.  I packed a picnic and drinks for us to enjoy.  We also enjoyed the beach for about an hour.  Our family can't wait to go back before summer ends.

We went to the library again and checked out a large tote bag full of books, movies, and audio books.

I sold two books on amazon.  I really need to weed through the rest of my books by the end of the month.

I spent a few hours working in the garden.  At this point I have now given up on planting anything else in the remaining two rows.  The weeds are just too bad to fight.  :(

I went swimming with Eva and Eli at my parent's house.

Has anyone had success with Ritz dye?  I have a hot pink skirt that has faded that I would love to revive.  Is it worth a shot? 

What frugal things did you do last week?  

Friday, July 11, 2014

Strawberry Poppyseed Salad

My favorite summer salad.
It's been a while since I have shared any recipes but I thought I would share one for my favorites. This salad is extremely versatile and I often take it along when we make a meal for someone.  It can also curb my desire to drive to the nearest Panera to drop $8 on Panera's Strawberry Poppyseed & Chicken Salad.  :)  

In a bowl combine romaine lettuce, shredded mozzarella cheese, sliced almonds, sliced celery, and sliced strawberries.  During the winter I often make the same salad and use canned mandarin oranges.  It also tastes great with dried cranberries, sesame sticks, cashews, cubed apples, etc.  You can also add chicken if you want to add protein or make this salad taste more like Panera's.

Dressing Recipe:
In a blender combine:
1/2 c. white sugar (or you can substitute your favorite sugar substitute)
1/2 c. lemon juice
2 t. finely diced onion
1 t. prepared Dijon mustard
1/2 t. salt
While the blender is still running add in 2/3 c. oil (I use olive oil or canola).  When the dressing is smooth add in 1 T. Poppy Seeds and pulse for a few seconds.  Add dressing before serving and enjoy!  

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Frugal Things I Did Last Week

Summer is flying by way too fast!  Can it really be the middle of July already?  We have been having a wonderful summer as we try to enjoy each day.  Here are a few of the frugal things we did last week: 

 Last week Elijah and I made homemade pretzels.  I'm still working on perfecting my form but they tasted great.  Our counter is too small to roll out the pretzels so I use our kitchen table.  Eva sat in our highchair that attaches to the table and enjoyed watching Eli and I shape the pretzels.

The happy hubby and I went on a breakfast date while the grandparents watched the children.  We had a wonderful time walking downtown and window shopping for bicycles.  I would love to buy the happy hubby a cycling bike.

Brandon and I also went on a wonderful long walk (I would guess 5 or 6 miles) while pushing Eva (she slept almost the entire time).  Eli stayed with my parents.  It was just wonderful.  The weather was gorgeous and we had a great time chatting and dreaming.

A friend and I went to the park and had a great time.  Our kids loved it!  We opted to skip the fireworks this year since we have a young baby.  Maybe next year?

I started using Eco Nuts Organic Laundry Soap instead of laundry soap I make or purchase.  It works out to about .10 a load.  I have very sensitive skin so it will be interesting to see how well this works for our family.  At this point I haven't noticed any irritaiton.

I skipped buying groceries for our home this week as we needed the money for gas.

I received a payment from some of the amazon books that have sold in the past few weeks.  This money is put into our vacation fund.

I enjoyed reading a couple of free magazines which came in the mail and a few that a friend loaned to me. Elijah also enjoyed looking at his free Lego Magazine.  He gets so excited when it comes!

I worked in the garden this past week.  Hopefully I will remember to take some pictures of my garden in it's various stages.  One squash plant and the beans were blossoming so it won't be long now!  On a sad note something did eat one patch of Romaine lettuce.   I started a dozen Huckleberry Plants from seed which appear to be doing well.  Does anyone have any experience growing them?  Honestly I have never even eaten a huckleberry but I was intrigued at the prospect.  :)

What frugal things did you do last week? 

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Frugal Things I Did Last Week

Eli having a blast at the splash park.
We had a great week with a nice balance of work and play.  Here are some of the things we did to save money:

 My sister Bekah spent 2 nights with us last week.  We made cookies, watched movies, and went to the splash park at Woodland Mound.  We packed a picnic and had so much fun!
Our sweet girl loves the water.
 We don't make it to the Splash Park every week but when we do it is always so much fun.  I have never purchased items at the snack bar so Elijah doesn't even realize it exists yet.  :)  Evangeline also uses a reusable swim diaper so I don't have to buy Little Swimmers.
Aunt Bekah went with us.
Elijah, Evangeline, & I enjoyed a fun afternoon outing to the library for Storytime followed by our first trip to the local farmer's market.  The farmer's market was fun but wow was it expensive!  We were regular attenders of the farmer's market when we lived in Versailles (we could walk to it) but it wasn't near as expensive.  I do want to support local farmers so I anticipate we will probably return a few more times before we have fresh vegetables from our own garden.  (Due to a trip to Arkansas in May we planted our garden a little later than we usually do by about 2 weeks.)

I stopped at a yard sale on my way to a bridal shower and picked up 6 articles of clothing for Evangeline and 2 sippy cups for $3.  (I also stopped at a yard sale before a bridal shower last week.)

I worked in our garden this week weeding and caging tomatoes.  Just a few more weeks and we should expect some produce!

We all attended VBS at our church.  It was great!  We also enjoyed the family night on Friday night where they had an inflatable slip n slide.

I mended 2 pairs of Eli's underwear.  Hopefully I will have time for some fun sewing soon.

I paid to have our vacuum repaired rather than purchase a new one.  So far it is working better than when we got it 5 years ago!

The happy hubby and I went on a lovely date to Carraba's.  We used a gift card that we won last month at a conference.  Then we headed to a bookstore to walk around, read, dream, talk, etc.  My mom and sister watched our children.

What frugal things did you do last week?  

June Reads

Hooray for more time to read this month!  :)  Here is what I have been reading:

The Inheritance by Louisa May Alcott: This is actually Alcott's first novel written when she was only 17.  It tells the story of Edith Adelon, an impoverished orphan whose beauty and loyalty win her the patronage of wealthy friends.   I found it charming and enjoyed it very much.

Balancing It All: My Story of Juggling Priorities and Purpose by Candace Cameron Bure: In this book Candace Cameron Bure (who played DJ on Full House) shares how she strives to find balance in her life.  I really enjoyed reading about what it was like growing up as a child actor and about her marriage to a Russian hockey player.  Personally I didn't find the aspect of her book about balancing life that helpful.  (I find books that ask the reader more questions a bit more helpful.)  Overall I did enjoy reading this book.  It was the first one that I have checked out from my library as a digital copy and read on my kindle.

Your Money or Your Life by Vicki Robin & Joe Dominguez: After the book Radical Homemakers mentioned this book many times I had high hopes.  Perhaps it is the fact that I read the updated edition that I found myself not that impressed.  It's good but any book by Dave Ramsey is better.  My favorite aspect of the book was how the authors encouraged the reader to calculate your real hourly wage.  This means figuring out how many hours a day you really spend in relationship to your job.  Included here are your actual hours of work and hours that you might spend doing the following: commuting, eating at work, getting ready, decompression, escape entertainment, job-related illness, etc.  (Some of these of course might not apply to you.)  Then you look at all of the expenses related to your job.  After this you figure out what your hourly wage really is.  I did find the book thought provoking and it did encourage me in our pursuit of a frugal, simple life.

Sharing Christ With the Dying: Bringing Hope to Those Near the End of Life by Melody Rossi: Let me start by saying that I do not have a close friend or family member on their deathbed.  I do realize that one day that will be a reality in my life and since I enjoy being prepared (or at least thinking I am prepared) I chose to read this book.  This was a great book about a very difficult topic.  The author does an excellent job of encouraging the reader to share Christ in loving ways.  I really enjoyed how Rossi held the sovereignty of God in one hand and all of the things that believers can do to point their friends to Jesus in the other.  Please note that I did receive a free copy of this book from Bethany House Publishing.  

Radical Homemakers: Reclaiming Domesticity from a Consumer Culture by Shannon Hayes: This book was much different than I had expected.  For some reason I thought this was a Christian book about stay at home mothers.  Actually it is a feminist book about women and men who choose to focus on their home instead of the many pressures of a consumer culture.  I am not a feminist in any shape or form but I did glean a lot from this book.

The Great American Slow Cooker Book by Bruce Weinstein and Mark Scarborough: This book is not your mother's average crock pot cookbook.  It includes zero recipes that call for cream of something soup and does an excellent job of using real foods.  The cookbook is filled with over 500 different recipes that use a wide array of ingredients.  It contains the usual beef, pork, and chicken dishes but also includes seafood, duck, etc.  I really liked the fact that the cookbook uses a wide variety of meat cuts.  Instead of every chicken recipe using boneless skinless chicken breasts there are recipes for chicken drumsticks, chicken thighs, chicken wings, and chicken leg quarters which are all cuts of meat that are about 1/2 the price of boneless skinless chicken breasts.  So far we have eaten the chicken, rice, mushrooms, and cranberries on page 242 and the honey-barbecued chicken drumsticks (page 259).  They were both excellent and the happy husband raved about them.  The other great aspect of this cookbook is the fact that each recipe is given in 3 different sizes based on the size of your slow cooker.  The smallest size recipe will feed our small family with minimal leftovers.  If we want to have friends over I can easily make the same recipe in just a larger size.  Overall this cookbook is really neat.  If you think of yourself as a foodie than I am sure you will really enjoy it.  Please note that I did receive a free copy of this book from Blogging for Books.

Money Secrets of the Amish by Lorilee Craker: This book was not at all what I thought it would be.  I thought the book would be more about "finding true abundance in simplicity, sharing, and saving" as the subtitle suggests.  This book chronicles Craker as she interviewed a few Amish families and tried out some of the financial habits that the Amish share.  In my opinion the author is pretty wimpy when it comes to her frugal ways but perhaps that is because she is a New York Times best selling author.  :)  I do admire the Amish and how they are thriving while the rest of America appears to struggle.  This book really only skims the service of Amish frugality in my opinion.  It's not that the book is bad, it is just the fact that I expected more specifics.  For example one family Craker mentions managed to save $400,000 in 20 years while raising 14 children.  I would love to know exactly what their budget looked like, what streams of income they were using, exactly how they use things up, etc.  This book was interesting.  If you consider yourself new to the world of frugality you will probably enjoy the book.

What books did you read in June?  I really do love recommendations so please share!  

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Evangeline Grace: 8 Months Update

Is it just me or do you see a twinge of red?
Evangeline is growing fast.  She is now over 21 pounds and long.  (We just went for a check-up but I never remember lengths.)  Since the happy hubby and I are both fairly tall I expect Eva will be as well.  At her check-up last week I was reminded of how much we have to be thankful for Eva's good health.  She is growing well and our pediatrician has no concerns about her.  

Exploring a nectarine.
Eva is still not very interested in eating.  So far she does not enjoy any baby food or cereal.  She continues to be quite dramatic whenever we give her something!  Last week I ate the skin off of a nectarine and she did enjoy licking it.  I wouldn't really say she ate any of it.  Maybe next month?  :)  We have introduced a sippy cup which she likes to chew on.  

Friends forever.  
One of the sweetest aspects of having our second child has been watching Eva and Eli turn into best friends.  Their love for one another runs deep and neither one is the same without the other.  Evangeline has really started to enjoy reading books more and more with each passing week.  I now include her during one of our regular reading times every day.  She really enjoys books with lift the flaps.  

Eva loves water.
 I have been able to take Evangeline to the splash park at Woodland Mound a couple of times and she really enjoyed it.  She played in the sprinklers forever and seemed to never tire of it.

Eva now has two teeth which I don't think you can see in any of the photographs.  While Eva has been teething she has still been her usual happy self but has wanted to nurse more frequently and sometimes at night.  Honestly this is fine with me because I'm glad that I can comfort her.  Breastfeeding really is so much more than just feeding a baby.

Action shot! 
Our sweet Evangeline Grace is now all over the place!  This has probably been the biggest change in the past month.  She is not only crawling like crazy but she is pulling up!  Life has definitely changed for us as she is increasingly more mobile.  Eva no longer is content to sit on my lap for long periods of time.  She wants down to explore the world around her!  

Eva also really enjoys bouncing like crazy.  She has pretty much outgrown her Johnny Jump Up but that doesn't stop her from jumping whenever anyone holds her or she plays in the exersaucer.  

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Our First Family Camping Trip

Earlier this month I FINALLY got the happy hubby to agree to go camping.  Truth be told it was actually my mother's day present.  We had a blast!  

Enjoying the playground
Since this was our first camping trip we decided to head somewhere close.  We camped for two nights at Kincaid Lake State Park in Falmouth, KY.  It was so much fun!  

We slept a lot!
 It was lovely to sleep outside and go to sleep to the sound of nature.  We also enjoyed some wonderful naps.  Such a blessing to get away and enjoy some family time.

Eli had a blast camping.  
 Elijah said his favorite thing was the fact that we slept in a camper (pop-up) instead of a house.  He also really enjoyed going on walks, playing at all 3 playgrounds, and building fires with Daddy.

We borrowed our parent's pop-up.  My mom was kind enough to set it up for us since our skills at trailering are a bit lacking.  
 I love real camping in a tent but sleeping in the pop-up was a great compromise for our family.
Brandon & Eli kept a fire going on almost night and day.  
 We enjoyed smores and hot dogs over the fire.  I tried to bake sweet potatoes in the coals of the fire but it didn't really work.  What did I do wrong?

Best Mother's Day present ever!  
 We also went paddle boating one afternoon.  When the kids are a little older I would love to take along our kayaks.
Evangeline was such a happy camper.  
I am so glad that we were finally able to go camping together.  The happy hubby will probably not win camper of the year but I am hoping I can convince him to at least go once a year in the future.  :)

What about you and your family?  Do you enjoy camping?