Friday, October 30, 2015

Sensory Play: Apple Stamping


This week part of Evangeline's occupational therapy involved stamping with apples!  Eva has been working with apples in feeding therapy for the past month so this was the perfect sensory activity.  It was such a fun activity for both kids that I really enjoyed participating in. 

Our occupational therapist Mrs. T showed me how to cut the apple so that it was easy to hold.  What a great idea!  It definitely made it a lot easier for both children to stamp with the apples.  You could also try stabbing the apple with a fork if you didn't want to cut the handle. 

We simply used washable paint on a paper plate and then stamped on plain white paper.  You could also use acrylic paint but it is a little harder to remove from little hands.  I would also recommend an old sheet or tablecloth to protect your table.  We have an old fitted sheet that fits nicely on the table to protect it whenever we decide to enjoy a messy art project. 

Eva was a little hesitant at first but I was so excited to see that she was fairly willing to participate.  (Earlier this summer she couldn't tolerate the messiness of paint on her hands.)  Eli had a great time and was eager to participate in a messy art project. 

This was such a fun activity for both children this week.  I am sure that we will repeat this activity many times (especially this winter).  You could also cut the apple in the opposite direction and to make a star design in the middle which I hope to do next time.

What about you?  Have you ever stamped apples with your children? 

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