Tuesday, October 20, 2015

This Week's Goals

A picture I snapped while on a family walk last week of the creek near our home.

Hope your week is off to a wonderful beginning.  We have been soaking up this autumn day with time spent outside reading this afternoon.  Here's how I did on my goals for last week.  

Last Week's Goals
Marriage, Mothering, and Family:
1)  Go on a date with my sweet hubby.  We were able to squeeze in two dates last week which was just plain awesome!  We actually worked out together at the gym for one of our dates and enjoyed time out with friends for the second.  Hooray!  So thankful that we were able to do that.  
2)  Attend 3 appointments with Evangeline.  I actually forgot about one appointment so it was actually 4 appointments last week.  So thankful about the progress that she is making right now!  One day I really think I"ll be able to say no more therapy.  
3)  Eli starts Cloverbuds this month.  Cloverbuds is a fun club for children before they are old enough to join 4H.  As a former, long term 4Her myself I am super excited!  Eli had an absolute blast decorating pumpkins and playing with friends.  
4)  Attend a family party at a friend's home.  We had a blast at our friend's fall harvest party!  

5)  Visit the chiropractor.  Yeap!  
6)  Exercise 3 times this week.  (I am still working on settling into a new life routine since our life changed so drastically to include numerous appointments each week for Eva.)-  Okay so I didn't actually exercise three times despite my good intentions.  I did get in two great workouts so that's definitely worth half credit right?

7)  Sew a baby gift.  If time allows I would also like to sew one Christmas gift this week.   I am almost finished with the baby gift but I didn't work on anything else.  
8)  Have a budget meeting with the happy hubby to talk about our Christmas budget and expectations.  Let me just say that sitting down every year to specifically talk about our Christmas expectations has really helped both of us to enjoy Christmas so much more!  It also cuts down a lot of stress and drama that could potentially occur over differing expectations.  ;)  We also set a specific budget for everything Christmas related.  (Let me know if you would like to know more specifics about this as I would be happy to share.)    Yeap this really happened and it wasn't at all terrible.  

Ministry, Hospitality, & Friendships:
9)  Spend time practicing the piano selections I will play for an upcoming wedding this weekend.  I played for the wedding and it went pretty well.  

Other: (I decided to group them together because they are both the items that get shoved to the back burner if my week gets crazy busy.)  
10)  Spend time helping my grandmother one afternoon this week.  We got so much accomplished this week!  
11)  Work 4 hours at home.- I think I only worked 3 hours.  
12)  Write a blog post about Eva's Feeding Therapy.  I have had so many thoughtful friends ask about this that I really want to write about this soon. -This is going to happen this week!  


This Week's Goals

Marriage, Mothering, & Family:
1)  Attend two therapy appointments with Evangeline.  
2)  Take the children to the museum this week.  (Our pass expires at the end of December so I really want to squeeze in a few more trips.) 
3)  Have an at-home date night.

4)  Exercise three times this week.
5)  Finish reading The Ministry of Motherhood by Sally Clarkson

6)  Finish sewing a baby gift.  
7)  Pack up children's summer clothes and get out ahead boxes.  Write a detailed list of what I need to purchase for each child.  

Ministry & Friendships:
8)  Meet up with a friend for a play date this week.  
9)  Accompany my husband on a visit this week.  

10)  Work from home four hours this week.  
11)  Write about Eva's incredible progress in Feeding Therapy over the past few months.  

How did you do on last week's goals? What are your goals for this week?  Let's encourage one another.  

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