Friday, October 16, 2015

Butterick 4910 Review: Evangeline's First Nightgown

For Evangeline's second birthday I knew that I wanted to make something both sweet and feminine.   This nightgown was the perfect combination of both.  I picked up Butterick 4910 and sewed view D in a size 2.  I used a super soft cotton flannel with small roses that I had on hand.  I sewed view D but used the length cutting line for view C.  I love the peasant look to this nightgown and the flow of the sleeves.  I think it could also be used to make an angel costume.

This pattern claims to be very easy and I would definitely agree.  I would add a caution while cutting out the pattern.  I made the mistake of cutting along the wrong line around the neckline.  Next time I plan on attempting to raise the neckline about 2" from where I accidentally cut it too short.  Oops!  I'm thankful it worked out okay in the end.

My daughter measured smaller than the size 2 but I really wanted to make this pattern.  (My daughter is very petite and still wears size 18 months clothing at the age of 2.)  I should have attempted to size this pattern down but I thought since it was just a nightgown that it really wouldn't make a difference if it was a little big.  Well it was really big in the neckline.  In my opinion many of the "Big 3" pattern companies (Butterick, McCall, and Simplicity often run large) so I really should have known.   I had already sewed in the little "made by mom label" and size tag so I just sewed a tuck on each side of the tag.  I think I took the nightgown in 2" on each tuck which you can see in the picture below.  I made the nightgown long so it should fit for at least a year or two.  

I do plan on sewing this pattern again but I will take the time to make some pattern adjustments.  I plan on making the front and back each 2" smaller while at the same time making the elastic about an 1" smaller.  (I might also try to scale down the entire pattern if the mood hits me.)

Evangeline absolutely loves her nightgown and has twirled around in our living room just about every evening while wearing it.  I'm hoping to whip up another one using the same Butterick 4910 pattern before Christmas.


  1. Thanks for your comments. They confirmed my suspicions about the pattern. I am sewing View D for a petite 3 yo granddaughter who is only 34" tall vs the pattern's 38" for a Size 3. Her mom (my daughter) wants a short sleeve version and I may cut it the View C length. Thanks again for your review.

    John Thomas in NC

    1. You are very welcome. I hope it turns out well!