Tuesday, August 1, 2017

June Reads

Ah June!  A month filled with a few lazy afternoons and a long road trip.  The perfect combination for reading through a delightful pile of books.  (Not all books are in the photo.)  I am trying to read a broad variety of books but something about summer continues to steer me straight to the fiction section.  Does anyone else have this problem only in the summer months?  Nevertheless here is a look at what I read last month. 

When People Are Big and God is Small by Ed Welch: This was a fantastic, thoughtful book which I worked through the past few months.  Over and over again this book helped me to see areas where I need to think more biblically.  The end of each chapter also includes 3-4 questions and applications.  While I really enjoyed working through this book, I think it would be even more fantastic to read through with a close friend or small group.  

The Road to Paradise by Karen Barnett: I loved reading this "vintage national parks novel" set in 1927.  It tells the tale of Margaret Lane, an avid naturalist who lands a job working at Mt. Rainer National Park.  This book was perfect to take along on our last road trip.  I love being outside and try to squeeze in as much hiking as our schedule allows.  The book was fast paced and very engrossing.  Please note that I did receive this book in exchange for my review from Blogging For Books.  

The Happiness Dare by Jennifer Dukes Lee:  I picked up this book after listening to the author on The Busy Mom podcast.  The author was fabulous on the podcast and I knew at once I had to get my hands on her book.  Summer tends to make me really happy and it also makes me very reflective.  I did feel a bit silly picking up a book on happiness when it isn't really something I'm struggling with in my life.  In the book the author addresses the five different happiness styles: experiencer, doer, thinker, giver, and relater.  I did take the time to take the online test but I came back as a close mixture of three rather than just one clear type. This book was good but I had mixed feelings about it.  I can't really put a finger on it but perhaps it is just the topic? 

The Reluctant Duchess by Roseanna M. White: I randomly picked up this book at the library and wow was it good!  If you are a fan of the popular Downton Abbey you are sure to love this thrilling book about Lady Rowena Kinniard, a Highland heiress.  Lady Rowena questions whether she can marry someone who is mixed up in some questionable business.  This book was delightful.  It's actually the second book in the "Ladies of the Manor" series so you may prefer to read the first book in the series before this one.  I didn't and had no trouble following the plot. 

The Homegrown Preschooler: Teaching Your Kids in the Places They Live by Kathy H. Lee & Lesli M. Richards:  I really enjoyed this thoughtful book brimming with ideas!  It was jam packed with wonderful activities to help your child learn while going about their day.  I found this book to be so invaluable that I even took notes on it!  I made numerous lists of activities to enjoy with Evangeline this summer and into the fall months.  The only thing that drove me crazy in this book were the unprofessional, poor quality photographs.  If you can get past the photos this book is filled to the brim with fantastic ideas!  

What books are you reading this summer?  Do you tend to read more or less in the summer?