Sunday, October 25, 2015

Our Visit To Monticello

Last month my family and I traveled to Washington D.C.  One of the main reason that we decided to drive included the opportunity to visit Thomas Jefferson's Monticello in Virginia.  

The drive through Virginia was absolutely beautiful.  My favorite part was driving through the Shenandoah Valley.  The happy hubby indulged my whims to stop at many of the gorgeous overlooks pictured above.    

Although the house is fascinating, the grounds at Monticello deserve just as much time as the house.  Eli was absolutely fascinated with the gardens and even spent time speaking with one of the gardeners.  When he found out that the gardener doesn't have trouble with rabbits eating their radishes he decided he wanted to move to Virginia!  Ha, ha!  (I never knew he was that concerned with rabbits eating our vegetables.)

The gardens at Monticello are striking and include a wide variety of crops.  The varieties grown are the same varieties that were grown during the time of Thomas Jefferson.  We also enjoyed learning more about Jefferson's gardening techniques and use of trellises.

Monticello actually overlooks the city of Charlottesville, VA.  The dome of the University of Virginia (which was founded by Thomas Jefferson) can also be seen from Monticello.  

Little Miss enjoyed the tour of the house but was a bit squirmy by the end of the tour.  She kept wanting to climb up into the beds!  They were intriguing since the beds were actually built into small alcoves between the rooms in order to save space.  I absolutely love visiting old homes and houses so I enjoyed every minute of our tour.   

We also enjoyed the small museum and had lunch at the visitor's center.

While at the graveside we were also greeted by a fawn.  

 Strolling around Monticello for a few hours was the perfect stop on our way to DC.  I found the entire visit fascinating and I am so glad we had the opportunity to make a great family memory together.

The last time we visited the home of a former President we visited Andrew Jackson's Hermitage located in Nashville, TN.  You can read more about that trip here.   

Have you ever visited Monticello?  Have you ever visited the home of a former President?

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