Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Frugal Things I Did Last Week

Be sure to notice the impressive pile of sticks Eli picked up all by himself.  

Last week almost felt like spring break for me since my good friend Sarah and her husband were in town.  They live about 5 hours away so this was a real treat.  Here are a few of the frugal things I did last week:
  • I rode along with my friends to Columbus to have dinner with a sweet college friend.  She was so hospitable and even made dinner for us.  I had a wonderful time and am so thankful for her kindness.  
  • We went to the zoo last week using our zoo pass.  The weather was beautiful and we had a lovely time.  My friend Sarah, her husband, her dad, and her 5 year old nephew all went with us.  Eli had a blast playing with Sarah's nephew at the zoo.  I didn't have any bread to make sandwiches with so I made some quick muffins.  Bread would have taken too long.  I packed muffins along with salads.  
  • The weather has been crazy here: shorts weather one day and snowing the next.  On the warm days we have really enjoyed going on family walks along our road.  My favorite part is throwing sticks into the creek with Eli.  We throw them in on one side and then watch the current take them down the creek on the other side.  
  • I finished sewing some curtains for a friend of my aunt.  I plan on putting the extra money in our vacation fund.
  • I received a free travel size shampoo and conditioner in the mail.  I always keep travel size bottles of toiletries in my gym bag and I also use them on trips.  
The Ricotta Frittata I made Saturday morning. 
  • I enjoyed watching a little PBS Saturday morning: P. Allen Smith and Lidia's Italy.  (We do not have cable tv.)  We had all of the ingredients on hand so I made Lidia's Ricotta Frittata for lunch.  Elijah has really enjoyed watching food shows and then making the same food.  
  • I turned in all of our tax information to my favorite CPA (my dad).  This included 14 typed pages of itemized health deductions, and other deductions related to my husband's occupation.  My goal is to write off every single item that we legally can.  
  • My sister and I built the float bed system and started tons of seeds.  Where we live I expect the last frost to come in about 8 weeks so it is time to get serious about garden planning!  Planting our own seeds saves tons of money.  It is also a frugal way to experiment with new varieties.  
  • I attended a free class on planting a spring garden at our local extension office.  I am hoping to build a raised bed (or two) to use in planting a spring garden.  
  • I stopped at a consignment sale that came to our town for a week.  It was lots of fun and I picked up a couple of items for both kids. 
What frugal things did you do last week? 

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  1. Nice read, thanks Amanda! I need to figure out ALL the deductions we can claim on our taxes. We are doing them ourselves for the first time this year!