Saturday, March 22, 2014

Evangeline Grace 5 Months Update

Our sweet Evangeline sporting her new Arkansas shirt.

Every month when Evangeline hits another monthly milestone I am amazed at how quickly time passes.  She is such a bundle of joy and brings so much delight to our home.  She weighs 18 lbs 11 oz.  I don't know how long she is but she is getting tall.  

We continue to delight in a "chubby cherub" and let me tell you I absolutely love each and every roll.  Evangeline has learned to roll over both ways and will be crawling before we know it. 

Eva's favorite thing to do is to play with her brother.  He continues to shower her with kisses and plays with her all the time.  One of Eva's favorite things to do is to play in her Johnny Jump Up.  She bounces up and down like crazy with the biggest smile on her face.  Sometimes I place the Jump Up in Eli's doorway so she can watch him and jump up and down at the same time.

Eva has also started sitting in the Bumbo seat which she loves.  We even took it with us to Sunday School last week.  (I teach the senior adult ladies' class and Eva comes with me.)  Eva has been a little bit of a distraction lately but I think the ladies enjoy having her in our class.

Her eyes are definitely brown now.  It has been so neat to watch them change colors over the past couple months.  In our family only Evangeline and Brandon have brown eyes.

Evangeline already shares a special bond with her daddy.  
Whenever Daddy walks in the room Eva's face lights up with joy and she kicks her legs like crazy.  It is one of the sweetest things ever!  I think in our family we have all adjusted to having another one among us.  I can't even begin to fathom life without the littlest Emerson.

As the weather begins to warm we have enjoyed more family activities.  We continue to enjoy long walks along the creek together.  I recently started wearing Eva in a back carry with the Ergo.  Back carries are one of my favorite ways to wear a baby.  It is wonderful to be able to keep her close to me while at the same time enjoying a walk with the family, cleaning my home, or cooking dinner.

Eva and I dropped off a cooler filled with breast milk to be donated at our local milk depot.    
Evangeline and I are both really enjoying our nursing relationship as it continues to thrive.  It's always nice when you pass the stage in breastfeeding when you can honestly say that breastfeeding is easy.  (It wasn't easy for us at first and I would encourage anyone to seek help from a lactation consultant.)  I love the above picture which shows Eva sharing some of her milk with other babies who desperately need it.  (I donate milk to the Indiana Mother's Milk Bank.)

This really is such a fun age.  Whenever you smile at Eva she smiles back.  Things just seem so uncomplicated with Evangeline right now.  All she needs right now is warm milk in her belly, a clean diaper, a few clothes on her back, and a family to love her.

We are all really looking forward to spring and I can't wait to watch Eva explore more outside.  I've never gardened with a baby as young as Evangeline.  Do you have any suggestions?

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