Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Our First Family Camping Trip

Earlier this month I FINALLY got the happy hubby to agree to go camping.  Truth be told it was actually my mother's day present.  We had a blast!  

Enjoying the playground
Since this was our first camping trip we decided to head somewhere close.  We camped for two nights at Kincaid Lake State Park in Falmouth, KY.  It was so much fun!  

We slept a lot!
 It was lovely to sleep outside and go to sleep to the sound of nature.  We also enjoyed some wonderful naps.  Such a blessing to get away and enjoy some family time.

Eli had a blast camping.  
 Elijah said his favorite thing was the fact that we slept in a camper (pop-up) instead of a house.  He also really enjoyed going on walks, playing at all 3 playgrounds, and building fires with Daddy.

We borrowed our parent's pop-up.  My mom was kind enough to set it up for us since our skills at trailering are a bit lacking.  
 I love real camping in a tent but sleeping in the pop-up was a great compromise for our family.
Brandon & Eli kept a fire going on almost night and day.  
 We enjoyed smores and hot dogs over the fire.  I tried to bake sweet potatoes in the coals of the fire but it didn't really work.  What did I do wrong?

Best Mother's Day present ever!  
 We also went paddle boating one afternoon.  When the kids are a little older I would love to take along our kayaks.
Evangeline was such a happy camper.  
I am so glad that we were finally able to go camping together.  The happy hubby will probably not win camper of the year but I am hoping I can convince him to at least go once a year in the future.  :)

What about you and your family?  Do you enjoy camping?


  1. Tyson has been begging me to go camping for years, but he wants to go camping with just sleeping bags and a tent, which would be really miserable with my scoliosis. I would totally go if we had (or could borrow) a pop-up camper like that. Looks really nice. :) Glad y'all had fun! P.S. Evangeline is SO cute...she reminds me of the Gerber baby! :)

    1. What a bummer. You could always try tent camping in your backyard? We did that a lot growing up and it was still fun. Maybe you could carry a mattress outside from your house and sleep on that? Just a thought. :) Thank you for your sweet comment about Eva. She is an absolute blast and we are so thankful for her!

  2. how fun! we used to go camping all the time ina little popup camper just like that when i was a little girl. bryan and i had a bad bad bad experience camping once when we were newlyweds and so it is like pulling teeth to get him to consider doing it again. maybe when junie is a bit older i can convince him ;)

    1. I vividly remember hearing about your awful camping experience. I think it's part of the reason Brandon was so reluctant to go for so long. :) I have SO many fond memories of camping in tents, pop-ups, and a r.v. while growing up.