Sunday, July 27, 2014

Family Day Fun: The Ohio State Fair Photos

Eli all ready to go as we enter the State Fair.  We are so thankful for our stroller! 
 This past week we were able to mark off something fun on our Emerson Family Bucket List for the summer.  We went to the Ohio State Fair.  Hooray!  It has to be one of the best state fairs around.
This was the face Evangeline wore for almost the entire day.  She was so happy! 
 I am so thankful we were finally able to visit the Ohio State Fair.  It has been 6 years since we have been.  We weren't even married back then.  :)  We were engaged at the time and I think I floated all around the fair that year.
We really enjoyed seeing the Budweiser Clydesdale horses and watching them in the parade. 
 All of the animal exhibits were superb but the horses were Elijah's favorite.
Elijah got to drive a train! 
 Our day really was filled with giggles, laughter, and lots of smiles!
I love my boys! 
 One of my favorite aspects of the fair was the natural resources section.
No trip to the Ohio State Fair would be complete without a visit to see Smokey The Bear.  
 We also enjoyed many of the exhibits and came home with lots of freebies.  I am so glad my sister Rebekah was able to tag along with us.  It was great to have her along.
Eli loved the archery exhibit.  
 I was really surprised at the number of animal exhibits at the fair.  We saw a number of birds, snakes, butterflies, and more!
No fear Elijah!  He really enjoyed petting the snake.  
 We all had a wonderful time at the fair. So glad we were able to make it this year!
I am so blessed to be married to such a loving husband and wonderful father!  
What are your favorite summer family traditions? 

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