Sunday, July 20, 2014

Making The Most of Sunday School For Your Kids

Elijah & Evangeline after Sunday School today.  (Today was the first day Eva rocked a whale spout.) 
I don't know about you but I love the fact that my children are able to attend Sunday School every week.  Brandon and I are well aware of the fact that the responsibility for teaching our children God's Word is our responsibility.  However we are so thankful that our children are part of a wonderful children's ministry where they are taught The Gospel.  Today I wanted to share a few things that we do in our family to help reinforce the learning that is taking place in Sunday School. If your church does not have Sunday School these ideas could also be applied to Wednesday Night Children's Bible Studies.     
Don't throw away those handouts when you get home from church! 
1.)  Handouts, Papers, and Mystery Art Projects:  Whatever you do don't throw away those Sunday School handouts as soon as your child walks through the door.  A Sunday School handout is a gold mine of information about what your child learned that morning.  I usually gather all of Elijah's handouts and place them on the counter.  After we have lunch I review the handout.  It usually includes lots of suggestions for discussion.

2.)  Talk about Sunday School: Ask your children what the Bible Story was about.  We often talk about Sunday School over lunch as a family.  What sorts of activities did they do in class?  What did they pray about?  What songs did they sing?  If the handout includes questions take the time to talk with them to your child.  This week Elijah learned about the story of Ananias & Saul.  

3.)  Copy the Memory Verse: I like to write the memory verse down in my planner and we try to review it while eating breakfast throughout the week.  If your child is able to write you could have them copy the memory verse.  It would be fun to have them make a poster for their door each week.  There are also a number of games you could play to help your child commit the verse to memory.  Making up a song is also very effective.  This week the memory verse is 1 Peter 5:10.  

4.)  Read the Bible Story Together: Invest in a great children's Bible.  Our personal favorite is The Jesus Storybook Bible .  Review the lesson together.  You could also read the Bible Story for next week's lesson.  Some Sunday School handouts include verses to read to your children each week.

5.)  Sing A Song: Do you know any children's songs that talk about the Bible Story or memory verse?  Try to teach them to your children.  If you are like me and have a hard time remembering then write it down on the refrigerator or in your planner.

6.)  Story Tapes: There are a number of excellent story tapes and cds which have recordings of Bible Stories.  We really enjoy the series called "The Treasure Chest".  This week I will have Eli listen to The Treasure Chest tape on Saul on the Road to Damascus or just a recording of the Scriptures. 

7.)  Finish the Handouts: My son is not always the biggest fan of coloring or worksheets so he often comes home with his unfinished.  I try to save them for him to work on later in the week while I am making dinner in the evening.

8.)  Look For Additional Activities and Think Outside The Box: If I had a child who enjoyed coloring I would probably try to find more coloring pages for them to work on throughout the week.  :)  Sometimes we re-enact the story together.  We have a set of quality Bible felts that we use on occasion to review the Bible Story.  This week I do plan on re-enacting the story of Paul and Ananias with Elijah.  We will be using a blindfold so that Eli can help visualize what it must have been like for Paul to loose his sight.    

9.)  There's An App For That: If you enjoy apps make sure to check and see if there is an app which corresponds to the curriculum your church is using.  Most curriculum's have an interactive app where your children can play different games to reinforce the lesson.
We pray that Eli will treasure God's Word. 
Not only do these activities enforce the learning that is taking place in Sunday School, but they show your child that Sunday School is important.  We value Sunday School because we value God's Word. It is our treasure.

"Your word is a lamp unto my feet and a light to my path." Psalm 119: 105

How do you reinforce what your children learn in Sunday School?  

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