Saturday, July 5, 2014

Frugal Things I Did Last Week

Eli having a blast at the splash park.
We had a great week with a nice balance of work and play.  Here are some of the things we did to save money:

 My sister Bekah spent 2 nights with us last week.  We made cookies, watched movies, and went to the splash park at Woodland Mound.  We packed a picnic and had so much fun!
Our sweet girl loves the water.
 We don't make it to the Splash Park every week but when we do it is always so much fun.  I have never purchased items at the snack bar so Elijah doesn't even realize it exists yet.  :)  Evangeline also uses a reusable swim diaper so I don't have to buy Little Swimmers.
Aunt Bekah went with us.
Elijah, Evangeline, & I enjoyed a fun afternoon outing to the library for Storytime followed by our first trip to the local farmer's market.  The farmer's market was fun but wow was it expensive!  We were regular attenders of the farmer's market when we lived in Versailles (we could walk to it) but it wasn't near as expensive.  I do want to support local farmers so I anticipate we will probably return a few more times before we have fresh vegetables from our own garden.  (Due to a trip to Arkansas in May we planted our garden a little later than we usually do by about 2 weeks.)

I stopped at a yard sale on my way to a bridal shower and picked up 6 articles of clothing for Evangeline and 2 sippy cups for $3.  (I also stopped at a yard sale before a bridal shower last week.)

I worked in our garden this week weeding and caging tomatoes.  Just a few more weeks and we should expect some produce!

We all attended VBS at our church.  It was great!  We also enjoyed the family night on Friday night where they had an inflatable slip n slide.

I mended 2 pairs of Eli's underwear.  Hopefully I will have time for some fun sewing soon.

I paid to have our vacuum repaired rather than purchase a new one.  So far it is working better than when we got it 5 years ago!

The happy hubby and I went on a lovely date to Carraba's.  We used a gift card that we won last month at a conference.  Then we headed to a bookstore to walk around, read, dream, talk, etc.  My mom and sister watched our children.

What frugal things did you do last week?  


  1. Stopping by from Brandy's The Prudent Homemaker blog...great work on the mending (I have a laundry basket full that I've been dragging my feet on-oops!) and hoping you score some better deals at the farmer's market in the coming weeks until your own space bears fruit...literally :) love the splash pad photo (your splash pad looks much bigger than our closest one, but we sure make good use of ours!!) Heidi in Ontario, Canada. (And now I'm curious as to the Versailles -- if it's in KY...)

  2. Hello Heidi,
    Thanks for visiting. Our splash park is very nice and quite large. You could easily spend a few hours there and there is also a section for toddlers which my daughter really enjoys. Yes Versailles is in KY near Lexington. Unlike Versailles, France it is pronounced with a nice country accent. :)

  3. Oh my gosh! I'm originally from Versailles! Graduated from WCHS (longer ago than I care to admit!).