Saturday, February 13, 2016

January Sewing & Crocheting Projects

Ah winter.  The perfect time for staying home and crafting!  As I have mentioned before I am thrilled to spend most of my winter hibernating.  I catch up on sleep, read a large amount of books, and spend lots of time sewing!  On snowy days I also try to squeeze in a good deal of sled riding.  

My month began with a simple sewing project for my sister-in-law Amber's birthday.  I sewed her an aromatherapy bag out of the cowgirl fabric (shown above).  

 The speech pathologist that Evangeline sees on a weekly basis will be having her baby any minute.  Both kids had a lot of fun helping me pick out boy fabric for the gift.  I had a great time catching up with a friend while I pinned the blanket together.  Our therapist was absolutely thrilled with her gift.  This type of flannel blanket has been one of my go to baby gifts for literally the past ten years!  It measures 1 1/4 yards so it is a nice size that can even be used during the toddler years.

To sew your own large flannel blanket you need to purchase two matching fabrics each 1 1/4 yards.  Simply place wrong sides together and fold the selvages to the inside.  Sew around entire blanket.  (If you are new to sewing I would recommend that you iron down each side about 3/4" to make this project a little more simple.)  This blanket is nice and warm and is just the perfect size.  I made one for both of my children and it was always one that I reached for first.

Anyone new to crocheting is sure to make a handful of dish cloths and I am no exception.  I think I made at least five in January. I made two for my mother-in-law as a thank you for watching our children while Brandon whisked me away for the weekend.

Eli's red scarf which really started my whole adventure into crocheting is pictured above.  This was one of the first crochet projects that I made.  I used a nice chunky yarn which has been keeping him warm despite all of our snow.  

My sweet friend Laura was kind enough to also teach me how to do a scallop stitch while she was visiting.  I made a fleece blanket first for Evangeline with the scallop stitch along the edge (not pictured).  I also made the butterfly blanket pictured above for one of my friends.  

I guess that wraps up my month of sewing and crochet projects!  This month I am hoping to continue work on a few more crochet projects like a baby hat and a cowl for myself.  I'm also planning on spending a little more time at my sewing machine.  I will be making another walker bag for my grandfather and hopefully something else.  I'm kicking around the idea of finally sewing a quilt so it could be quite an exciting sewing month!  

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