Sunday, February 21, 2016

Frugal Things I Did Two Week's Ago

The snow was a welcomed interruption to our week last week.  We didn't receive much but it was enough to enjoy an afternoon of sledding and snow angels down the front hill.  I'm amazed (and a little terrified) at how fearless both children are when it comes to sledding!  We spent a lot of time this week just focused on simple enjoyments like hot chocolate, sledding, and spending hours reading books snuggled up under a cozy blanket watching it snow.

I was able to speak with one of Evangeline's physicians over the phone instead of actually having to drive in for an appointment.  The physician actually suggested this to me and I was thrilled to take her up on it!  Of course this saves tons of money and it also saved me at least four hours since she tends to run hours behind!  I was so thankful.

My mom & I enjoyed a wonderful trip to JoAnn fabrics during their 20% off sale.  I purchased fabric and supplies to make two gifts for friends.  I also snagged a fun fabric to make a maxi skirt for myself.  Although not very frugal I purchased fabric and batting to sew my first quilt.  I used as many coupons as possible and the remaining balance on a gift card.  Still I should have budgeted a lot more for quilt fabric!

We enjoyed a wonderful family afternoon to our local museum center.  We purchased a museum pass and were thrilled that they happened to be on sale at the time!  In our family we are huge fans of memberships to local attractions.  It would have cost our family $51 for parking and admission if we didn't have a pass.  The cost of a family pass pays for itself in exactly two visits.  I'm sure that we probably visit at least once a month so the pass is really a great bargain!  We have also taken advantage of our museum's reciprocity agreement and have visited both COSI in Columbus, OH and The Pink Palace in Memphis, TN completely free.

We enjoyed a fun family brunch for Valentine's Day with extended family.  For dinner we enjoyed our own family celebration complete with heart shaped straws and simple gifts.  I sewed pillowcases for the entire family as a Valentine's Day gift per Brandon's request.  I wasn't sure if he was kidding or not but I made him a Star Wars pillowcase regardless!  I also gifted Brandon a nice sweatshirt that I purchased weeks ago on clearance.

I crocheted the above baby hat for my friend's little girl.  This is only my second hat ever so please don't judge!  I was pleased with how it turned out.  I used Caron Simply Soft yarn and this pattern.  I made the flower following a video on youtube.  I also sewed a few burp rags to include with the gift.  Most of the baby gifts that I make for friends are local but this friend happens to live in Savannah.  (We are college buddies.)  I usually try to make smaller items when the gift will need to be mailed.  

Eli attended a 4H Cloverbud meeting.  He had a wonderful time and even gifted his project to the leader.  Secretly I was a little bummed he didn't bring it home but so thankful for his sweet, giving heart.

I shopped at Aldi for groceries following Eva's therapy appointment.  Combining trips always saves time and money!

What did you do last week to save money?  

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