Monday, August 25, 2014

This Mama Studies: Going Back To School!

The happy hubby insisted on taking my picture on my first day of school. 
If you have noticed a small lull in my writing on the blog it is because a new adventure has begun in our family.  This mama is going back to school!!!  The end goal is to become an ibclc lactation consultant.      Brandon and I have thought about this as a possibility for our family for years.  I have always been interested in the health care field and I am really passionate about breastfeeding so this seems like the perfect fit.
This semester I am taking two classes:

Anatomy & Physiology I Lecture & Lab
Nutrition & Wellness

The nutrition class is all online and I attend the A & P class twice a week in the evenings while the happy hubby hangs out with the kiddos.  So far I have spent  10 hours on Anatomy & Physiology homework/studying and 2 hours on nutrition since classes began on Tuesday.  On my first day of A & P the tutor for the class said that it usually takes about 25 hours a week of studying to do well in the class.  I simply don't have that much time to give but I am trying to carve out about 10 hours for study and homework.

Next semester I will take a statistics class and a CPR class before I begin the Lactation Education classes and hands on hours necessary to sit for the ibclc exam in July of 2016.  


  1. congrats Amanda, that is awesome!

  2. Amanda, you will need to have some practical experience before you can sit for the exam. See if there is a La Leche League near you, & if so join now. By the time you are done with your schooling, you will have some "counseling/consulting" hours to go with, if you attend the meetings, & let them know why you joined. Those hours are really important to qualify to sit for the exam.

    I was a lactation consultant at the hospital where I worked as a NICU RN. I considered studying for & taking the IBCLC exam, but I did not have enough hours consulting. I worked part time, not full time, & was allowed to count a percentage of my work shift hours as lactation time, & I was also on the lactation committee at work. Unfortunately, nursing your own children does not count for hours ( but it should!)

    If you plan ahead for the hours now, you should be able to have enough by the time you need them. Good luck!