Friday, August 8, 2014

Frugal Things I Did The Last Two Weeks

Royal Burgundy green beans we picked this week from our garden. 
We have been able to harvest a substantial amount of produce from our garden the past few weeks.  Check out the PURPLE green beans that we grew!  They turn green when you cook them.  Elijah thinks they are just the coolest thing ever while the happy hubby just thinks I am silly.  Thankfully I can already notice a decrease in our grocery budget and an increase in the number of veggies we have been eating.  I planted an entire row of summer squash so it will soon be coming out of our ears!  We harvested squash and green beans from our garden.  We ate green beans with three meals this past week.  My mother also canned 3 quarts for us.  

I ordered a subscription to Old House Journal for 4.50.  Honestly I haven't read this magazine before but I figured that it was worth a shot.  (I used fun money to purchase it.)

I renewed library videos via the telephone in order to avoid paying a late fee.  One thing that has really helped me in the area of not returning items late to the library is to always visit the library on the same day of the week.  Where we live you can keep movies for one week and books for three.  We also don't always check out movies if we know we will not be able to return them on time.

Elijah and I canned 18 half pint jars of the world famous Ann Foutch (my mother) Kerr Cucumber Relish.  We also canned 14 pints of dill pickles and around a dozen pints of bread and butter pickles.  The cucumbers were given to us which was such a blessing!  My cucumber have done horrible this year.  I would love to find some more since our family can easily go through a jar of relish a week and a jar of pickles in about 2 weeks.  Pickles also make wonderful Christmas presents!

My cousin Anna's dress.  
I finished sewing my cousin's dress.  I used Butterick 3762 and hope to post a short review soon.  I was pleased with how it turned out.

Elijah came down with pink eye.  Since we have dealt with this in the past we did not think it was necessary to visit the pediatrician.  We used medicine we had on hand and when that ran out our Dr. was kind enough to call something in.  In the past we have also used a homeopathic remedy that has also worked well.

I purchased three Christmas presents.  There are only 141 days until Christmas!  It is time to get to work.  :)

The kids and I had lots of fun playing outside.  Why spend money on outside entertainment when they both have a blast playing and exploring our huge backyard?

What frugal things did you do last week?  

I would love to hear some of the frugal things that you did last week.  Please share below!  


  1. Haha, I laughed when you said your family can go through a jar of pickles in a week. Growing up I used to go through a jar of dill pickles in a single setting! Good thing my mom was great at canning them! I love the dress, it's just adorable.

    1. I will admit that there have been times when my son and I have polished off an entire jar in one day but it was just a pint jar. :) My husband can polish off a jar of okra pickles in not time flat so hopefully I will have enough okra in the garden this year to can some for him. The dress was really easy to make!