Monday, August 11, 2014

Evangeline Grace: 9 Months Update

Evangeline with Daddy at Kentucky Lake.
Our sweet Evangeline is such a delight to our family and seems to bring joy to everyone around her.  This month we have enjoyed being outdoors with her more.  She loves to be worn by both mommy and daddy.  We love the flexibility and freedom that baby wearing brings.  We were able to enjoy a nice long 2.5 mile hike this past month.
All smiles watching Eli & I roll out pretzel dough.
 Evangeline continues to enjoy sitting with us at the table for meals but does not enjoy eating anything!  We recently tried a little juice just for fun since I know it serves no nutritional value.  She liked it okay but we will not be allowing her to indulge in it except on the rare occasion.  Evangeline continues to dislike any form of food, cheerios, etc.  She continues to nurse every few hours and has yet to drop any of her feedings.  (I know by this point Elijah had dropped down to fewer feedings but I really don't mind.)  Selfishly I do wish that she would enjoy taking a bottle or breast milk from a sippy cup just so that the happy hubby and I could enjoy longer date nights.  :)
Evangeline enjoying the state 4H Horse Show in Louisville. 
 I was unable to weigh her at the last La Leche League meeting but I know that she is probably pushing 22 pounds which means we will need to purchase a new car seat soon.  It is a little bittersweet to think of packing away more baby items.  Can she really be this big already?
Eva loved dress like a cow day at Chick Fil A. 
Evangeline has become increasingly more mobile this past month and can now pull up to standing.  Eva continues to delight the family by making all sorts of noises and saying Mama and Dada.  I can't wait to see Eli's face when she finally learns to say Eli or brother.  Elijah continues to be the sweetest brother to her.  They play constantly and he is happy to include her in almost every activity.  He has a special gift for making her giggle and I often find them playing peek-a-boo.

Eva has also enjoyed attending Story time with Elijah at our local library and our many trips to the zoo and splash park.  She's still a little uncertain about the garden but I am confident she will develop a love for it before long.

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