Saturday, August 23, 2014

Evangeline Grace: 10 Months Update

Evangeline enjoying one of her many hikes this past month!
Evangeline's 10th month has been filled with fun!  We went on vacation, attended the Ohio State Fair, and spent lots of time building memories and enjoying our summer!  I can't believe she is going to have a birthday soon.  She weighs 20.5 pounds which means she has actually lost almost a pound from last month.  (Eli did the same thing once he became mobile.)  This is due to the fact that she is on the MOVE!  Eva Grace is always going, going, going.  She crawls everywhere and she cruises!  We keep watching and waiting for her to walk. 

They are the best of friends! 
 Elijah and Evangeline continue to spend more and more time playing together every day.  Such a joy and delight to this mama's heart.  Eva has started trying to talk to Eli and I wouldn't be surprised if she comes up with a really fun nick name for him.  (I used to call my brother Bubbers.)
Eva took her nap in this position one afternoon while we were on vacation.  
It is so neat to see Eva's personality continue to develop.  She still cannot be persuaded to eat a single thing except for the occasional drink of water.  It's just mama's milk for this little girl!  I have started pumping again since I do leave her for a few hours twice per week.  She still hates the bottle but Daddy has been able to persuade her to drink breastmilk from a sippy cup so that is WONDERFUL!

Eva and her pearly whites. 
This month Evangeline has cut 2 more teeth on top for a grand total of 4 teeth!  The top teeth definitely bothered her a lot more than when she cut the bottom teeth.  We are all thankful that they have fully poked through.  She has also started to jabber more and has added "uh oh" to her vocabulary just today!  (I did encourage this as I just find it adorable.)

We have begun to settle into more of a routine at our home since we have completed all of our summer travels and planned outings.  Eva has really grown in her garden appreciation the past month which has been fun.  (We harvest the majority of our garden in August and September.)

Do you think our sweet girl will walk this month?  Any guesses on the date?

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