Friday, February 14, 2014

Frugal Things I Did Last Week

The Valentine's Day canvas I made last week.
Here are a few of the frugal things we did last week to save money: 
  • We decorated our home for Valentine's Day.  We hung up a hand-stitched banner, wreath, love banner, and wreath Eli made.  In our family we love Valentine's Day.  What a wonderful time to reflect not just on the love that we have for one another but on the great love that Jesus has for us.  I also made a Valentine's Day Decoration using the Word Collage cartridge.  
  • I taught a class on preparing for the ACT at our local library.  
  • I made homemade kefir and yogurt.  
  • We enjoyed watching the Olympics at home.  

  • I went on a fun mini road trip with Baby Girl this past weekend.  I made the above canvas using my Cricut and the Cricut Word Collage Cartridge .  I used a "Kiss Cut" for the first time and it worked great!  I also used transfer paper for the first time with great success.  The above canvas is 11 x 14 and was kindly given to me by my mother-in-law.  I used Cricut Craft Room and cut the collage at 10x13. I also made a baby shower card which is not shown using stamps I have had for years.  I'm hoping to work on re-decorating Eli's room in the next few months and may try to make one for Elijah.  
  • I tried to be conscious about the amount of food we are wasting each week.  I might even start posting what we throw away each week as accountability.  This week we threw away a small amount of leftover soup, a pear, and some old celery.  
Eli's wreath
  • I finished sewing a Sleep Sack for Evangeline using McCall's Pattern M4236 .  I used fleece and a zipper that had been purchased on sale.  
  • I received a free book in the mail to review.  

I used a gift card from Babies R Us to purchase a Fisher-Price Rainforest Gym.  Evangeline absolutely loves this!  If I had known how much she would enjoy it I would have purchased one way before now.  

What frugal things did you do last week?


  1. Evangeline looks like she is having a ball! I too am guilty of the food waste...not that there's a lot but still! Have you ever tried to regrow celery?

  2. You guys need some chickens! We never waste food anymore because we give all of our vegetarian scraps to the chickens (and any meat scraps to our dog). ;)