Sunday, December 27, 2015

Our Simple Christmas

This year for Christmas we opted to take a nice relaxed approach.  We cut out a few things in order to simplify Christmas and I am so thankful.  Together we decided to enjoy decorating our home, hosting a Christmas dessert fellowship, building a gingerbread house, enjoying a few outings, reading through Unwrapping the Greatest Gift, and enjoying a thick stack of Christmas books.

On Christmas morning we just took it nice and easy.  Brandon and I woke long before the children.  Eventually Brandon couldn't contain his excitement any longer and we woke them up!  What a sweet memory to hold in our hearts.

Together we enjoyed such a lovely morning of just being with one another.  We opened a few gifts, played with new toys, and enjoyed a leisurely brunch.  I baked a German Puff Pancake for the first time that was a smashing success (and so very simple).

 After plenty of time spent at home to relax we headed to the Farm (my parents home) to enjoy Christmas with extended family.  It was such a delight to enjoy our sweet family which continues to grow.  Elijah and Evangeline especially enjoyed playing with cousin Paisley pictured above.  They just laughed and giggled for hours.  What a great reminder of exactly how Christmas should be.

While at the Farm we enjoyed a lovely dinner together and opened more gifts with family.  (Evangeline is pictured above with her great grandmother.)  For our family the holidays always come with divided hearts since it is incredibly rare that we see both sides of our family on the same day.  (I think the last time it happened was two years ago for Thanksgiving right after Eva was born.)  We are never rushing from one Christmas party to the next since our families live so far away from one another.  I'm thankful that we were able to travel to Arkansas for Thanksgiving with Brandon's side of the family and enjoy Christmas with my side this year.  We also celebrated Christmas with Brandon's parents when they came to visit for Eli's birthday earlier this month.

My youngest niece Paisley.
Overall Christmas was such a blessing and very relaxed this year.  I'm hoping we can continue this tradition for years to come!  I treasured this Christmas and Advent season where we have been able to really focus our hearts on Christ. 

How did you and your family celebrate Christmas this year?

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