Sunday, December 20, 2015

November Sewing Projects, A Sweet Memory, and Simplicity 5936 Again

I had so much fun sewing with Meme in November.

Yes we are more than halfway through the month of December but I thought I would share what I was busy sewing in November.  Everything I made in November except for the following jumper is actually a Christmas present so this will be a short post.  Rather than spoil a nice surprise I will only be sharing the jumper that I made for Eva.  Stay tuned after Christmas to see all the gifts that I made.
Brandon's grandmother Meme amazed me with her sewing skills!
 Over Thanksgiving the family and I loaded up and headed to Arkansas to spend close to a week with family.  One of my favorite parts of the week included the afternoon where Meme (Brandon's grandmother) and I had a sewing party!  We had the absolute best time sewing right alongside one another.  Meme is pictured in the photograph above and if you look closely you can see that we each had a sewing machine.  (I'm actually blessed to keep a sewing machine and a small drawer of sewing supplies in Arkansas so I often sew while visiting.)  We sewed all afternoon while the children played and had the best time.  Seriously I am ready to hop on a plane to Dallas with my sewing machine just so we can do it all again!  Meme at the sweet age of 92 sewed five stockings!  I was amazed at her stamina.  I know that I will always treasure the memory of my sewing party with Meme.  

During our "sewing party" I actually sewed Simplicity 5936 (pictured above) for Eva.  This was my second time making the pattern and it has to be one of my favorites.  I"m still kicking myself for not taking the time to trace the pattern last year since it is out of print!  Evangeline is almost the exact size that she was at age one I was able to use this pattern again and sewed a size 1/2.  I think it is so strange that patterns include a size 1/2 because that is never a size that you see in ready to wear clothing.  

The jumper was easy to sew and actually turned out a little bigger this time since I made the seam allowances a little bit smaller.  I sewed view C again and added 6" total to the length.  Eva was so tickled with her jumper even if you can't tell from her face in the picture.  She kept saying "I wear my turkey dress.  I wear my turkey dress."  

What about you?  What have you been sewing or crafting this month?  Are you working on any large projects or sticking to more manageable smaller projects?  

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  1. Eva is so cute. I missed seeing her this holiday season.

    1. Thank you so much Heather! Hopefully we will be able to visit the next time we head to Arkansas to visit family. Every time we go to occupational therapy I just keep thinking about the sensory play room that you are building!