Sunday, July 17, 2016

June Reads

Here is what I have been reading this past month.  I actually only made it through three of these books this month.  Do I get credit for reading through three teacher guides for Vacation Bible School? :)  Ha, ha!  

God's Guidance: a Slow and Certain Light by Elisabeth Elliot: I absolutely adore Elisabeth Elliot and have been incredibly blessed by each and everyone of her books.  This book is no different.  Every summer I try to spend time reflecting on my life.  What a great book to read this past month while I contemplate the many hats that I currently wear.  Elliot is such a kindred spirit and honestly shares many of the same questions that I have wrestled with.

Head in the Clouds by Karen Witemeyer: This light read came highly recommended by my friend Kelly.  It was the perfect accompaniment for our most recent road trip.  (I read the entire book on the way there.)  :)  I absolutely loved the protagonist Adelaide Proctor.  She is girly, quirky, and tough when she needs to be.

Recovering the Lost Tools of Learning by Douglas Wilson: This book was okay but it really left me longing for more.  I'm thankful this one came from the library.  In many ways it felt like a required reading course in education.

How to Blog For Profit by Ruth Soukoup: Unfortunately I only made it through the first two chapters of this book.  I ended up not finishing the book because I simply ran out of time.  I borrowed this book through inter-library loan and didn't have time to finish it before the book was due back at the library.

What books did you read in June?


  1. i'm still reading books you've lent me =) if you are interested in blogging for profit, check out "chatting at the sky" (a blog) and "hope-writers" (a podcast) by Emily P Freeman (author of Simply Tuesday and Million Little Things--also a "Revell Books" author). Her blog style and topics are up your alley, and she might have some useful tips. I've looked into monetizing my blog before, but there's just so much competition I think that I'd just have to LOVE it to dive in and go for it!

    1. Oh thank you Renee. I'm still praying through it a lot as I know that really trying to monetize my blog means devoting a lot of work hours. We shall see. I would like to learn a lot more about the technology aspect of running a blog. I don't think I will be doing anything drastic for the next few months. I realize first grade will take a lot more time than kindergarten did. :)

  2. I thought I knew all the books by Elliot but I haven't ever heard of this one! Is it a compilation of her writings or was it written by her all as one whole? I am so curious… I will have to search for it! I read Let Me Be A Woman a few months ago for the 3rd time and was reminded how much I love her writing and want to pick another of her books to re-read (I am thinking of Discipline).

    Here are my June reads:

    1. Hello Elle. Thanks for stopping by. I'm excited to check out your book reviews. God's Guidance is written entirely by Elisabeth Elliot. If you do a search on Good Reads you might be surprised to find additional books by Elliot that you have not read. I thought I had read all of her works but there are a handful that I still haven't read. :) I also read The Shaping of a Christian Family this year and it was a fascinating look at the home she grew up in.