Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Frugal Things I Did Last Week

Happy Summer!  I hope you are soaking up lots of sun and managing to save some money in the process.  Here is what we did to save money this week.  

We harvested mint, Romaine lettuce (Freckles variety), and a pepper from our garden.  Next week I anticipate picking some squash!

Our entire family enjoyed Vacation Bible School at our church.  VBS is one of the highlights of our summer and we honestly plan our entire summer around the week of VBS.  They learned so much about the Gospel and had an absolute blast.  We even enjoyed an inflatable water slide on Thursday evening!

The children and I had a fantastic time meeting friends at the park for a play date.  Since the weather has started to really heat up here, we met a little earlier which worked out great.  When Eli was a baby the park near our house only had metal slides which would get really hot.  My solution was to wake up, grab breakfast, and head to the park before the slides heated up.  This way we were still able to enjoy the park.  Sweet memories.

I did NOT go to the grocery last week!  I'm still trying to transition to not visiting the grocery every week so this was a huge accomplishment for me.  I think in August I am going to try bi-monthly grocery shopping again.  Does anyone else visit the grocery only twice a month?

We cashed in some of our summer reading logs at our local library.  Evangeline picked out a very nice copy of Curious George.

After Evangeline's therapy appointment we headed to Goodwill.  I found two shirts, a dress for Eva, a number of items for the happy hubby, and about 25 books.  Still can't believe I purchased that many books.  Eva and I looked through all of the books this trip.  (Usually I only skim through the bookshelves.)  We scored a number of books which will be integrated into our learning for next year.  I bought a set of counting books for Evangeline and a nice set of Southwestern Advantage "Ask Me" book.

I went through all of Evangeline's clothing and organized her drawers.  So thankful that this little lady is outgrowing some of her clothes!  (That might sound crazy to many of you but we have really struggled the past year to see Eva gain weight.  Thankfully she is now growing like a weed.)  I brought up her next size tote from the basement and breathed a sigh of thanksgiving for how much money this is saving us.

I picked up an inter-library loan book from the library.  Did you know that your library will request books for you from other libraries in America free of charge if they do not have the book?

What did you do to save money last week?


  1. Glad you are having a good summer! It makes it easier to shop biweekly if I plan for it. Buy
    Milk and freeze half after pouring some out. I make my own yogurt and bread so that help's also.with produce it helps if the garden is producing. Also you can freeze some fruit for smoothies. You can also freeze cheese. Good luck on your shopping.

    1. Hello Patti,
      Thanks for stopping by. Does the milk have a funny taste after freezing it? My garden just started producing so let's see if I can make it two weeks! :) I just made a nice run to Costco and stocked the fridge.