Monday, May 30, 2016

This Week's Goals & Update

Happy Monday!  I hope each of you are enjoying a wonderful Memorial Day.  As you can see from the picture above we started planting our garden on Saturday!  I'm super excited that we finally have some seeds in the ground.  Memorial Day always marks the more official beginning of summer since in our area this is when all of the outdoor pools open.  This week we will be soaking up as much summer as possible and preparing for a fun tent camping trip!  

Last Week's Goals
Marriage, Mothering, & Family
1.  Do something sweet for my husband.  I bought him a bookcase for his ever growing library.
2.  Take the entire family (kiddos included) kayaking at the lake.  (If you follow me on Instagram you might have already seen a fun picture of us kayaking last night.)  The weather was fantastic and we had an absolute blast kayaking with extended family!  
3.  Enjoy a wonderful day at our CLASS picnic.  The kids and I had so much fun!  I can't remember the last time I spent a good four hours at a park.  
4.  Make a summer bucket list as a family!  This is a tradition in our family and really helps to add focus to our summer.  We discussed this a little bit but we need to actually sit down and make a list!  

5.  Plant flowers, pineapple mint, and hopefully plant my raised bed.  I would also love to get my big garden planted this week if it works out.  (This is dependent upon getting my garden tilled by a neighbor since I don't own a tractor.)  I would still like to pick up a few more flowers to add some color to the front of our house.  We have a bunch of bulbs that are growing but right now it is all green except for a few yellow marigolds.  Even Eli mentioned that it is too green whereas the flowerbeds by the side of the house have lots of color.  We have a purple clematis vine that has just exploded!  I didn't dig into my raised bed this week but now I'm considering planting strawberries instead.  

6.  Read and journal through five chapters of Sally Clarkson's Own Your Life.  I'm on chapter 9 and it's still just as wonderful as I raved about a few weeks ago.  Taking the time to journal through each of the questions at the end of the chapter is making such a difference!  I worked through two chapters this week.  I have about three other books going at the same time so I think I will just focus on this books this week.  

Ministry & Friendships
7.  Spend one hour working on Vacation Bible School!
8.  Enjoy a play date with a dear friend of mine this week.  We had a great time at the children's museum!  
9.  Spend thirty minutes daily practicing arrangements that I will be playing in church.  I played a new arrangement on Sunday.  

10.  Spend an afternoon helping my grandmother.

This Week's Goals

Marriage, Mothering, & Family
1. Enjoy an at-home date night with the happy hubby.
2.  Set up our new tent this week in the backyard and possibly have a camp out.
3.  Evangeline has two therapy appointments this week.
4.  Make a summer bucket list as a family!  This is a tradition in our family and really helps to add focus to our summer.

5.   I'm so thankful for a lull in the rain and kind neighbors who tilled my garden on Saturday.  Our garden is half planted right now.  This week I hope to plant another row and then we will add a few succession plantings a few weeks apart.  (You don't actually want to plant all of your seeds at the same time or you will be overwhelmed with produce all at the same time!)  I still need to plant a variety of winter squashes this week.  The seeds I started in the float bed didn't work quite as well this year so I also need to pickup a few tomato plants at the store.
6.  Spend some time planning for next school year.  My goal is to be completely finished with all preparations by the middle of July.

7.  Read and journal through four chapters of Sally Clarkson's Own Your Life.  

Ministry & Friendships
8. Spend an hour working on VBS.  This week I'm hoping to work on magnets and then studying the lessons.  (I teach the Bible Story lesson at our VBS which requires a good amount of preparation.  I'm hoping to spread it out over a few weeks.)

9.  Possibly take part in a paid research study.
10.  Spend an afternoon helping my grandmother.

What plans do you have for this week?

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  1. I love your lists...and doesn't it give us encouragement and a sense of accomplishment to be able to cross of things on our to-do lists? Thank you so much for sharing and warm greetings from Montreal, Canada. :)