Saturday, January 24, 2015

Week in Review: January 12-18

I thought it might be fun to share a weekly review post on what we have been doing.  I am really hoping to blog on a more consistent basis this year.  The week in review posts will probably be in addition to my frugal things posts.  Last week was one of those mixed weeks filled with good days and some bad days.

One of the highlights of the week was a fun family trip to Costco.  The happy hubby's computer died so we decided it was past time to replace it.  Costco had a great price on a laptop so we chose to invest in a membership.  This was our first time purchasing a Costco membership and I am really excited.  We chose a Costco membership over Sam's due to the amount of organic and gluten free items that Costco carries.  (Back to healthy eating for the family.)  I think we have already saved enough money to pay for the cost of the membership but I anticipate that we will visit Costco at least every other month in the future.  Shopping at Costco was so much fun!  Usually I don't enjoy grocery shopping but the newness of the store, plethora of samples, and having the happy hubby along made it quite a fun time.

The happy hubby and I also enjoyed a double date with some sweet friends of ours to Mellow Mushroom.  We had a great time and look forward to hanging out again soon.  

The bad part of last week included our sweet Evangeline coming down with croup yet again.  Whose ready for spring?  We are!  Thankfully it wasn't bad this time and she is now feeling better.  I did miss church on Sunday which was disappointing.  (Since the happy hubby is a pastor I will always be the one staying at home with sick babies.)  It is always sad to not be able to be a part of such a wonderful church and to hear the Word preached.  I also had to postpone a trip to visit a sweet college friend since Eva was not feeling well enough to travel 3 hours.  

I also finally sat down this week and looked at some seed catalogs.  Half the fun of planting a garden really is in planning.  Right now I am trying to decide if I will keep our garden the same size this year.  I would also love to make a few raised beds.  It's crazy to think that where we live the last frost date is only about 16 weeks away.  It really is time to start preparing to start seeds.  

On a fun note Eli boy started swim lessons.  We are super excited and thankful that Eli has the opportunity again this year to work on his swimming skills.  (This is his third time taking swim lessons.)  He is doing great and can't wait until next week's lesson.  Maybe I will be brave enough to take along a camera at his next lesson.

This is also one of the first years since I was a child that I have only one resolution.  Just Give Me Jesus.  That's it.  Last year was a hard year for me personally and I know that I need to take the time to step back and focus on the main thing, the best thing, and that is Christ.  I've carved out a little more time in my crazy busy day to spend with the Savior.  Time to spend writing prayers in my journal and really crying out to the Lord.  A time to spend pouring over the Word and watching as God transforms my life.  Already I can see how gracious He has been to me.

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  1. i didn't make resolution this year either--though i typically love to, since goal-setting is fun--i'm only focusing on waiting on the Lord and growing in patience. i think its something i could learn more about with big things and with the day to day of raising toddlers.