Wednesday, October 22, 2014

This Mama Studies Update

Evangeline helping me study anatomy. 
I have now reached the half way mark in my semester so I thought I would give an update on how my two classes are progressing.  I am taking a Nutrition class on line and Anatomy and Physiology I in person two nights a week.  One night is lecture night while the second night is just for the lab.  It's really the equivalent of taking three classes.  I spend about three hours a week studying for the Nutrition class and about ten hours studying for the Anatomy class.  On test weeks I try to squeeze in a few more hours but that doesn't always happen.

I have been a student as a mama before so in many ways studying and balancing my various roles is old hat.  In other ways it is completely new ball game.  I now have two children and a lot less free time.  :)  I have a lot more competing for my free time these days.  I also don't think that Eli was ever sick while I was a student.  Having a sick baby and trying to be a good student changes everything.  Still the happy hubby and I are really excited about this new path that God is leading me down.

I did skip a week of school to visit family and I doubt I will do something like that again in the future.  I really enjoyed getting away and spending time with family but it was a little stressful trying to finish assignments and such.  I survived but it was a lot more difficult catching up on five missed hours of lab and lecture than I thought.   (It's very difficult to make up lab time because I don't have a slide and microscopes at home.)  We ended up having to stop at a McDonald's around 11pm one evening just so that I could submit an assignment that was due while we were traveling!  The happy hubby has been my biggest cheerleader the entire time.  I am so thankful for him.

I will say that I am enjoying both of my classes and I have really learned a lot this semester.  My anatomy class is SO interesting!  I continue to be amazed at the wonder of God's creation when he made us.

I am anxious to start the lactation part of my training for the ibclc exam.  Hopefully God will show us soon what that should look like for next year.

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