Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Frugal Things I Did Last Week

Last week was Eva's first time spending a long period of time outside. 

It is finally warm enough to work on some yard work!  We planted loose leaf lettuce in our landscaping and yellow carrots in a pot.  I also dug up dirt along the side of our porch to plant sugar snap peas.  After we harvest the peas I will probably plant flowers in this area.  (Peas are a good natural fertilizer and should help the ground.)  I have thought about planting sunflowers in this area.  The ground is much lower than the porch in this area.  I thought it might be nice to have sunflowers popping up close to the porch fence.

I mended a dish rag. 

I donated items to charity and received a receipt for tax purposes.  I have a goal of getting rid of 40 bags in 40 days.  So far I have given away 14 bags of stuff to friends or charity.

We attended Flower Buds at our local extension office. This is a free program offered for children ages 3-5 to learn about gardening that meets once a month.  The kids have storytime, snacktime, spend time outside in the garden, and do an activity.  They also have a separate time for the mothers which is nice.  This month Eli planted a pansy in a container.  I also made a cookie mix in a jar.  I really enjoy going and once a month is the perfect amount of time for our family to commit to an activity!  

I sold six books on amazon this week.  I also listed 15 more.  Most of these books are duplicates from our seminary days or books Brandon does not plan on reading again.  I went through my book collection and gave away about 2 dozen last summer.  :)

I received free Jergens lotion and Garnier face wash in the mail.

My husband negotiated a wonderful discount at our new chiropractor.  This is a huge blessing!  I was in a car wreck in college and chiropractic care really is a quality of life issue for me.  I feel SO much better since I have begun treatment again.

I sewed a curtain for our back door.  It had a magnetic curtain rod on it when we moved in.  Somehow the curtain rod turned into a sword and we lost one part of it.  I purchased a dow rod for .50 and painted it white with acrylic paint I had on hand.  Then I whipped up a simple curtain using fabric I had on hand.  I may add tie backs in the future.  We live so close to our church that you can look into our kitchen from a couple of the rooms at the church!  Now I don't have to be fully dressed at the crack of dawn on Sunday morning for fear of someone getting a peek.  :)

We graduated from Financial Peace University!!  I plan on writing about this in a separate post but let me encourage you to sign up this year for a class in your area.

We didn't eat out at all!  Not even a snack for the happy hubby.  We usually eat out once a week but with prices increasing we just can't afford it as often.  I really want to finish paying off our medical bills from having Evangeline so we are trying to sock everything extra we have to paying those off.

I did pay off the entire bill owed to my ob/gyn this week!  Happy dance time!

What frugal things did you do last week?  For those of you who eat out less than we do, how did you transition to this?  

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  1. I found an fun sheet at a thrift store for about the equivalent of $2.50 and am making curtains for my dining room from the material. :)