Monday, April 28, 2014

Evangeline Grace: 6 Months Update

This picture was taken the first day we spent an extended period of time outside.  
As I sit writing this update sweet Evangeline is rolling and rolling all over the family room floor.  It will probably be just a few weeks and she will be full out crawling!  Ah!  I'm not sure that I am ready for the craziness that will entail.  :)  Time to buy a gate.  

This month Eva has reached 19 pounds 9 ounces and is getting long!  She has just about outgrown her 9 months clothes and is ready for 12 month clothing.

Eva is SUCH a Daddy's girl.  She will stop whatever she is doing and give him the biggest grin.
She laughs and giggles whenever he enters the room.  
To say that Evangeline is a delight to our family is an understatement.  We love her to pieces!  It really is hard to imagine life without her.  She loves playing especially with her brother or in the Johnny Jump Up.  At this point she can almost sit up on her own.  She can also scoot around.

It just doesn't seem possible that Evangeline is 6 months old!  Half a year-wow, how in the world does this happen so quickly!
Eli giving Eva her first bite
Elijah had a great time feeding Evangeline her first bite of food.  So far she has tasted applesauce and sweet potatoes but hasn't really been a fan of either one.  (I'm very relaxed when it comes to solids.)  We haven't tried any cereals at this point.  Our nursing relationship is wonderful and I have noticed a big change in her efficiency and also how often she wants to eat.  As you can tell by the rolls on her she is gaining well.  :)  Eva has entered the stage of being more distracted when she nurses.  It's hard to get frustrated with her when she just looks up and grins when I ask her to get down to business.
Easter Dress (minus the headband)
She definitely knows her name and will turn her head whenever someone says it.  Eva loves all of her little teething toys but we haven't seen any teeth yet.  She is also a great kisser!

We have been able to spend lots of time outside this past month.  Eva just loves it.  We have taken her hiking, for long walks, playing outside, planting seeds, enjoying family dinners outside, etc.  This month we also started doing back carries in the Ergo and Mei Tai.  Hooray!  (These are my favorite carriers once a baby gets a little heavy.)

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