Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Frugal Things I Did Last Week

I sewed two Easter baskets for my kiddos.  I decided to make fabric baskets after seeing some on etsy for $30.  I liked the idea of a fabric basket being easier to store or the possibility of my kids actually using them throughout the year in their bedrooms.  For Eli's basket I used some Peltex stabilizer inside and for Eva's I just used fleece as a stabilizer.  I prefer the look of Eli's basket but Peltex is a little expensive.  I wouldn't mind trying plastic canvas next time.  I had all of the fabric in my stash.  Eli's fabric was a Michael Miller print I purchased at an estate sale and Eva's fabric was M'Liss from Hancock's.  These were super quick and easy to whip up!

No eating out for me last week!  The hubby was away at a conference for a couple of days so he did have to buy a few meals out.  I packed a lunch and snacks for him before he left.  He also stayed at a hotel that had a complimentary breakfast.  He saved lots of money by not staying at a hotel downtown and driving 10 minutes each morning.  At the conference he received 14 free books!  I plan on reading about 1/2 of the books he received.

The kiddos and I have been spending TONS of time outside! 
I took my son to our general dentist instead of the pediatric dentist near us which saved us about $60.  It's crazy how difference charges can be within twenty miles!  No cavities-yeah!

The kids and I met up with a friend at the local park.  We walked for a long time and had a lovely time catching up.  This was directly after our dentist appointment so I packed a picnic.  Unfortunately I forgot my fork to go along with my salad so I am planning on putting some spare utensils in the car.
The happy hubby and I had a wonderful time walking beside this creek.

The hubby and I went on a walking date while my sisters babysat for us.  We walked for 1.5 hours and had a wonderful time.

I breastfed and cloth diapered the baby all week!

I sold 6 books on amazon.

My grandmother sent the kids a package!  (Always an incredibly exciting thing at our house.)  She sent them each a bunny.  Eli's sings and dances.  I might or might not be sad when the battery runs out!  She also sent a suit for Elijah and a sweet dress for Evangeline.  I am SO glad because I hadn't even thought of Easter clothing yet.  I will be wearing a dress I already own and Brandon will be wearing his usual suit. It is funny how time changes.  I think I purchased a new Easter dress every single year up until about three years ago.

What frugal things did you do last week?


  1. Really cute bags! Your kiddos are so cute and lucky to have a Mommy who makes wonderful memories for them. Happy Easter!

  2. I keep a few plastic utensils and straws in the dashpocket of my car. On previous road trips we might stop and buy foods that require such and as we'd get down the road we'd realize the restaurant failed to give us those oh so necessary things, lol.