Monday, April 11, 2016

This Week's Goals

Happy Monday everyone!  Would you believe the above photograph was taken just two days ago?  We had SNOW on Saturday.  In April.  I still can't believe it.  Anyway our weekend was filled with lots of fun as we enjoyed a delightful visit with family from out of state.  Here's a look at how my goals shaped up for last week and what I hope to accomplish this week.  

Last Week's Goals:
Marriage, Mothering, & Family
1.   Enjoy a fun weekend with extended family who will be visiting.  A great reward after lots of hard work cleaning this week.   We enjoyed a lovely weekend with family and even squeezed in a trip to the Creation Museum.  I even had the privilege of hearing Ken Ham speak while we were there.  After the weather finally started warming up we enjoyed a lovely 3.5 mile walk at the park.  
2.  Eva has one therapy appointment this week.
3.  Spend an afternoon dyeing eggs with the children.  (This year we were busy mourning the loss of a dear friend from church and we just never got around to it.  It isn't a necessity that we dye Easter eggs.  We have family coming in from out of town this weekend and plan on enjoying the activity together.  So this didn't actually happen.  If the kids are interested we can probably do it this week if we don't eat all of the eggs first!  

5.  This week I'm finishing up a two week spring cleaning and de-cluttering!  Woohoo!  I see the light at the end of the tunnel.  I can't wait till this is finished.  I have been going through toys, clothing, closets, etc.  I guess you could almost call it Marie Kondo Round #2 although I probably won't take the time to go through my craft supplies this time.  By far my biggest accomplishment of last week was completing the majority of our spring cleaning.  I donated a lot to Goodwill and passed along a bunch of hand me downs to both of my sister-in-laws.  I still have the coat closet to clean, the laundry room, and a few walls that didn't get washed yet.  They are on my maybe list for this week.    
6.  Begin a new sewing project for Evangeline.  I will probably be sewing her a skirt or a t-shirt dress.  I would like to take a t-shirt and turn it into a dress (by adding a skirt to the bottom) sometime in the next month.  Has anyone ever done this?  I whipped up a fast skirt using fabric from my stash.  I'm thinking Eva needs at least two more.  

7.  I'm taking a cake decorating class that begins this week!  Yipee!  This is something I have wanted to do for years and I'm so excited.  I'm sure that it will prove to be a blessing to my family and hopefully others for years to come.  This was so fun and I learned so much!  
8.  Finish reading The God Empowered Wife: How Strong Women Can Help Their Husbands Become Godly Leaders by K.B. Haught.  This has been on my to-read list for at least four years.  This was good.  

Ministry & Friendships
9.  Hopefully catch up with a dear friend that I have been playing phone tag with for what seems like forever.  I tried and she tried but alas it didn't happen.  Just another great reminder that good friendships take work and cultivating much like a beautiful garden.  

10.  Spend an afternoon helping my grandmother. 

This Week's Goals
Marriage, Mothering, & Family
1.  Enjoy a workout date night with the happy hubby.
2.  Evangeline has two therapy appointments this week.
3.  Take the children on a walk one afternoon or to a picnic at the park.  

4.  Begin a packing list for our spring vacation!  I will also start physically setting some items aside in a tote.  Tote bags simplify my life like crazy!  I really should write a blog post about how I use them to stay organized.
5.  Spend one hour sewing on Eli's quilt.

6.  Prepare for and attend my cake decorating class on Saturday.  (I have to bake a cake to take with me and prepare icing.)
7.  I finally purchased a Fit Bit!  I'm really not sure what a realistic goal is but for now I think I"m going to start at 10,000 steps a day.
8.  Spend at least an hour working on my new crochet project.  I started working on this bag.

Ministry & Friendships
9.  Call my friend during the children's rest time one afternoon.
10.  Learn a new song to play for the offertory on Sunday.

What goals do you have for this week?  Do you own a Fit Bit or activity tracker?  


  1. I would love to hear more about how you use tote bags to stay organized! That seems like a frugal way to stay organized. :)

    1. I'll try to make sure to share sometime this summer! Yes it is definitely a frugal way to stay organized and it really simplifies life!