Monday, November 2, 2015

This Week's Goals

How was your weekend?  Ours was a little productive, fairly relaxing, and filled with fun!  We all enjoyed our church's annual Trunk-or-Treat and bonfire.  Eva dressed as a ladybug and Eli dressed himself as Captain NBC from American Ninja Warrior. 

Setting goals helps me to live my life with purpose and intention.  I hope that you are encouraged to this end as you set your goals for this week.  

Here are my goals from last week:

Marriage, Mothering, & Family:
1)  Enjoy an out of town date with the happy hubby!  We had a blast getting away and out of town for just over 24 hours.  It is so refreshing!  
2)  Attend two therapy appointments with Evangeline and one meeting with a coordinator.   So thankful for the progress Eva is making!  
3)  Take both children on a fun outing one afternoon.  We had originally planned on a zoo trip but it was raining.  We spent a lovely afternoon at the local library picking out a basket full of books and movies.  The children and I also enjoyed playing two games at the library which you can check out while you are there.  

4)  Finish reading The Ministry of Homemaking, Teaching From Rest, and Money Saving Mom.  These two books were really good.  I had the opportunity to read a pre-release copy of Crystal Paine's new book Money Saving Mom which is available for purchase as of today!   
5)  Schedule yearly checkup.  

6)  Schedule family pictures.-Still not sure where we are going to squeeze these into the next few weeks.  
7)  Swap out both children's summer clothes for their winter clothes.  This took forever but I am finished!  
8)  Sew one Christmas present. -I have about 30 minutes left to finish. 

Ministry & Friendships:
9)  Learn a new song on the piano.  I played Cindy Berry's arrangement of Rejoice The Lord Is King yesterday for the first time.  
10) Attend Women on Mission and Trunk or Treat.  Women on Mission was canceled this week but we did have a blast at Trunk or Treat.  The happy hubby and I dressed up as Publisher's Clearing House.  Brandon dressed up in a suit as Ed McMahon complete with balloons and a giant check.  I dressed up in my bathrobe and curlers as the lady at the door who screams, "Oh my!  I'm going to quit my job.  I can't believe it!"  It was lots of fun but we forgot to snap a picture!  Eva dressed up as a lady bug and Eli was a American Ninja Warrior.  

11) Spend a few hours helping my grandparents.
12) Write two blog posts including one post about Eva's feeding therapy.  

This Week's Goals:

Marriage, Mothering, & Family:
1)  Attend two therapy appointments with Evangeline.
2)  Enjoy a date with the happy hubby.
3)  Weather permitting I hope to take the children to the zoo this week.

4)  Visit the dentist for a dental cleaning.
5)  Finish reading Teaching From Rest and complete chapter 5 of The Wisdom of God: Seeing Jesus in the Psalms & Wisdom Books.  

6)  Finish sewing at least one Christmas present.
7)  Pack up my summer clothes and de-clutter my closet.  I'm hoping I can also get the happy hubby on board with this project but we will see.

Ministry & Friendships:
8) Write a note of encouragement to a friend going through a difficult time.  I am also going to spend some additional time this week praying for this friend.
9)  Catch up with a friend this week via telephone.
10) Write and mail 6 thank you notes by Thursday.

11)  Work four hours this week from home.
12)  Write three blog posts.  I am hoping to blog more frequently from now until Christmas.

How did you do on your goals last week?  What goals do you have for this week?  Have you started working on any plans for Christmas?  

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