Monday, November 17, 2014

The First Snow Day!

Best friends and filled with giggles.

Evangeline was SO enamored with the idea of snow. 

Elijah feeling pretty chilly at this point despite the double layers he is wearing.  Hopefully I find his snow pants soon! 

I had so much fun making memories with the kiddos.

This was Evangeline's first time on a sled!  

The view from our kitchen window was simply breathtaking.  

I still cannot believe how much it snowed last night and this morning.  We received around 4" of snow.  Honestly a big part of me doubted that it really would snow as much as was predicted.  I have zero memories of it ever snowing in November (though I am sure that it has once or twice in my lifetime)!  It truly was magical to wake up this morning and see the beauty of fresh fallen snow. It really did feel like Christmas morning and I had to resist the urge to break out our Christmas tree.  We did break out the Christmas music while I whipped up some Raspberry Pancakes for breakfast.  The rest of our day we tried to squeeze in extra stories and snuggles while we enjoyed watching the snow fall.  Elijah and I did go sledding down the front hill which was SO much fun!  I am so thankful for a boy with such an adventurous spirit.  He even enjoyed the snow flying in his face as we went zipping down the hill!  We came inside and enjoyed hot chocolate which is a tradition that I have passed down to my own family.  I am hoping that one day this winter Elijah and I can go sledding on the same hills where I use to sled ride at my parent's farm.

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