Thursday, November 6, 2014

October at Our Home

A fun hand print craft I did with the kids.  (It's supposed to be a tree with leaves.)  This one was Eva's which didn't turn out super great but it was really fun!  Eli also made one but gave his away already.  
October at our home has really been a crazy full month.  Our month started off with the Wool Fest (an annual tradition in our family) where we enjoy a festival that celebrates all things wool.  Honestly it seems so normal until I try to explain it to someone that doesn't live around here!  I think the happy hubby and I have been every year since we have been together.  We love walking around, enjoying the good food, buying scented soaps, and we ALWAYS purchase a Christmas ornament.  It really wouldn't be October without the Wool Festival.  We were also able to squeeze in a quick trip to visit family which is always such a treat!  

Walking everywhere! 
The majority of the month our sweet Evangeline was ill.  She battled croup, two ear infections, and a 9 day throw up virus!  Eva also turned one but we have yet to really celebrate.  We sang to her on her birthday but she didn't even smile once! Needless to say this mama is thrilled to finally have a healthy girl again.  Eva also learned to walk and is on the go, go, go!      

Elijah has really enjoyed climbing the apple tree (which didn't produce apples this year).  
 I think this October has to be one of the warmest that I can remember.  It usually frosts around the 10th of the month but this year I don't think it frosted until the very end of the month.  There were even a few days when we wore t-shirts because it was so warm!  The warm weather meant lots of time to play outside.  One of my favorite things about our home is the huge backyard we have to play in.  We actually live on about 7 acres and live next door to our church which has a wonderful playground.  Eli and I have a new tradition which he has named "the crazy push" which is where I push him as hard as high as I possibly can.  I run underneath the swing and yell at the same time as he goes soaring into the air.  I'm sure it is quite a sight to behold but it has been a sweet memory to make with my boy!
So thankful for swings to swing on every single day!
The weather is finally turning cold and I hear that it is going to snow next week.  Time to bring out the warm stews and soups!  Oh and see if there is any other way that I could possibly use pumpkin in a recipe!  We are looking forward to things settling down for us as we prepare for a simple holiday season.

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