Monday, June 2, 2014

This Week's Goals

I hope to spend lots of time hanging out with this handsome little guy.  
Setting goals always helps me to accomplish more.  Here are just a few of the things I hope to work on this week:  

Family/Marriage/Mothering Goals:
1)  Attend Flower Buds with Elijah and Evangeline at our local extension office.
2)  Enjoy an at home date night with the happy hubby.
3)  Visit the library with my family.

Homemaking Goals:
4)  Sew a birthday gift for my Grandmother's 81st birthday.  I plan on sewing her a bag to attach to her walker.
5)  Gardening Goals: Finish transplanting the majority of the plants for the garden and plant another row of green beans.  (I currently have 5 rows planted in my garden and hope to have 10 by the end of the week!)  We are expecting rain this week so I am not sure how much I will actually accomplish.  I would also like to weed the flowerbeds and plant more flowers but the garden is my first priority.  :)

Personal Goals:
6)  Begin my new Bible Study The Wisdom of God by Nancy Guthrie.  I really enjoyed the time I spent going through The Son of David which she also wrote.
7)  Stay on track with Trim Healthy Mama 5 days this week.
8)  Spend time with a friend.

Ministry Goals:
9)  Mail 3 cards to friends experiencing difficult times.  (Something that has been on my to do list for 2 weeks!)
10)  Prepare and teach Sunday School.

What goals do you have planned for this week?

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