Monday, June 9, 2014

Evangeline Grace: 7 Months Update

Our little sleeping beauty loves to sleep late in the morning.  Sometimes I wake her and sometimes I just let her sleep.  

Every time I sit down to write an update about our sweet Evangeline I can't believe another month has passed.  Honestly it's almost time to write Eva's 8 month old update since she will be 8 months old by the end of the week.  (I'm going to just include pictures in this post up and insights until about Eva turned 7 months old which was the middle of May.)

Although she might look excited in this picture-Evangeline HATES baby food!  
 Although Eva has tried a variety of baby food (slowly introduced one per week) she continues to hate everything we have given her.  It doesn't matter if it is jarred or homemade baby food she hates it all!  Eli on the other hand thinks baby food tastes great so he is more than happy to finish anything she doesn't eat.  :)  At over 20 pounds the doctor isn't worried one bit!  She has officially outgrown every piece of 9 month clothing.

Evangeline enjoying a family picnic before hiking at Boone Cliffs.
She is laying on a blanket that was handed down from Brandon's Mamaw.  
 This past month Eva has really begun to enjoy being outside.  It's a good thing because our family is very active and we spend a minimum of 2 hours outside everyday!  We love to walk, hike, garden, read outside, play, etc.

Such a Daddy's girl.
 Evangeline has really enjoyed being worn by her daddy the past month.  We have enjoyed many walks, a trip to the zoo, and a real hiking trip at Boone Cliffs.

Feeling blessed at the Dinsmore Homestead.  
 Her favorite activities are rolling all over the floor, giggling with her brother, and jumping in her exersaucer.  Oh and of course she LOVES to nurse.  :)
You know your baby is growing up when you start asking for a high chair when you go out to eat.  

She loves the zoo and trips to the farm. 
 Eva is now able to sit up on her own which has been nice.  She is starting to get really squirmy especially while I teach my Sunday School class.  (I teach the senior adult ladies class and the ladies enjoy her being in our class so much that I just keep dragging my feet about putting her in the nursery.)
She is also very friendly when we go out.
This picture was taken at Skyline where Eva tried her best to get to our chili! 
At 7 months old Eva can pretty much crawl/get around.  She doesn't pick her back end off the floor but just uses her pinky toes to propel herself around the house.

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