Sunday, March 5, 2017

February at Our Home

We love family fun days!  After enjoying a Madcap puppet show we enjoyed dinner at Brandon's favorite IHOP!
 We have now been in our new home for three months.  Our hearts are beyond thankful at the Lord's good gift of blessing us with a home that we love so much that is so close to Brandon's new job.  When we began looking for a home I doubted that we would be able to find what we were looking for but the Lord had other ideas!  I'm still amazed that we found this little haven so quickly.  It is our prayer that God would use our home to bless and encourage all who enter it.

This month Eva has been obsessed with art.  She spends hours drawing,
painting, coloring, using pastels, and even this aquadoodle mat.  
 This month we enjoyed a wonderful visit from Brandon's parents who came all the way from Arkansas.  It's always great to see Nina & Poppy Steve.  They haven't seen our home since the weekend we moved in so it was neat to show them the small progress we have made.  We've also been discussing a partial basement finishing but Brandon and I can't seem to agree on the layout design.  (We are currently weighing the pros and cons of an open layout.)

We have both chosen to invest first in others so honestly our progress with the house is going a little slow.  The majority of our house is unpacked but I really haven't touched the boxes that are in the basement.  (Sounds like a great weekly goal huh?)  When given the option to organize something or spend time building new friendships I am opting to spend time with friends.  I'm thankful for the many people who have made us feel so welcome so far.  We have enjoyed play dates and one of the best super bowl parties ever.

A sweet collage from one of our first park outings here!  If you look closely
you can see that Eli is wearing his sister's helmet.  We still haven't found his!
 As part of getting more involved in our community both children have enjoyed taking gymnastics lessons.  Evangeline's occupational therapist actually recommended gymnastics since we were ready for a therapy break.   I have been so pleasantly surprised to watch Eva at gymnastics!  She is a completely different little lady.  Eli has also loved the challenge and Ninja Warrior aspect of his gymnastics class.

The month of February has felt like such a whirlwind with the crazy weather we experienced.  We enjoyed both snow and days that felt like summer.  One day it reached 81 degrees!  I have lived somewhere in Kentucky my entire life and I can't remember a February this warm.  We have enjoyed playing at three different parks and look forward to exploring the other parks that our city has to offer.
We had a great time visiting the zoo with friends this month.
I think a big part of me is still holding out for a nice big snowstorm before Spring hits in a few weeks.  February ended up being a weird month.  Eva was sick for a week and then I also caught a bug.  Thankfully we are all feeling better now.  I also didn't really read at all which is so out of character for me!  I think I'm ready to tackle a few house projects and squeeze in as much fun as possible this month!

Here's to a wonderful month of March friends.  

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