Tuesday, December 27, 2016

This Week's Goals: The Week of Christmas

My bunch playing around at the St. Louis zoo a few weeks ago.  

Marriage, Mothering, & Family
1.  Set aside most "projects" this week to focus on celebrating Christmas with my family.  I'm still not unpacked but I'm going to try to put most of that on hold this week.  (This is actually a hard goal for me as I can't wait to finish unpacking!)  I'm looking forward to reading lots of books, playing games, and watching Christmas movies!
2.  Enjoy an at home date night with the happy husband.
3.  Brandon & I are planning on taking our kiddos on some fun outing.

4.  Make cookies with the children.  Evangeline received a sweet pretend mixer and she has been so anxious to bake with me!
5.  Sew two final Christmas presents.

6.  Write at least five thank you notes this week.
7.  Finish reading The Christ of Christmas by James Montgomery Boice.
8.  Spend time reflecting on 2016 and praying about the upcoming year.  I'm also hoping to spend some time writing in my journal.  I love writing in my journal but it has been collecting dust for the majority of the month.

Ministry & Friendships
8.  Enjoy meeting up with friends at a coffee shop.  We also have some out of town friends that I hope we get to meet up with.  
9.  Deliver handmade goodies to our the rest of our neighbors and our mail carrier.

10.  Sit down and have a budget meeting with the happy husband.  (Not a part of our at home date night.)

What goals do you have for this week?  Are you traveling to visit family?  

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