Monday, August 24, 2015

This Week's Goals

One of my top goals for this week involves spending lots of times outdoors playing with my sweet children.  

Happy Monday Everyone!  Now that the fall semester is in full swing it is the perfect opportunity to get back to goal setting each week.  Here are a few of the things I hope to accomplish this week!

  • Enjoy an at home date night with my husband.  
  • Attend three therapy appointments with my daughter this week.  (I will hopefully be writing a post this week about my daughter's recent health concerns.)
  • Begin reading the book Mary On Horseback: Three Mountain Stories with the children.  
  • Spend as much time outside as possible!  It has been absolutely gorgeous today and I know that in another few weeks we won't feel like splashing in a pool or running wildly through the sprinkler.  

  • Make or buy a birthday gift for my brother who turns 20 this week!  I would love to sew a gift for him so if you have any ideas please let me know.  
  • Begin sewing a gift for my four year old niece.  
  • Exercise three times this week. 
  • Finish reading one book.  
  • Aside from my usual weekly responsibilities, this week I need to finish preparing my syllabus for the ACT Prep class that I will be teaching at our Homeschool Coop.  
Ministry, Hospitality, & Friendships:
  • Learn a brand new piano arrangement for Sunday.  I have been working on an arrangement of Jesus Loves Me that my husand's grandmother played thirty years ago.  
  • Enjoy a nice long chat with a friend.  Our crazy schedule isn't going to allow for a play-date this week so I'm planning on settling for a phone call.  
  • Determine fall availability for tutoring & piano lessons. 
  • Spend an afternoon helping my Grandmother.  
  • Write two blog posts for the blog including a blog about my daughter's recent health concerns.  
I think that covers it for the week!  What goals do you have for this week?  


  1. Enjoyed your post Amanda. A good plan for spending time outdoors with the kids. They do grow up so fast. My youngest is 24 years, where did the time go?

  2. I can't hardly convince myself to do the inside cleaning when there's plenty to keep me busy outside in this beautiful weather!