Saturday, December 20, 2014

Elijah's Birthday Trip

Evangeline loved the Playscape. 
We decided to do something really fun for Elijah's 5th birthday and took the family to the Indianapolis Children's Museum.  It was AMAZING and we all had so much fun!  Taking the family  to Indy has been on our bucket list for almost three years and I am glad we were finally able to make such a wonderful memory with the family.  

Evangeline loves playing in the water!  
We were able to go on Eli's actual birthday which made it even more special.  A whole day to play with mom, dad, and baby sister!  What could be more fun then spending the day with your family?  It also meant that the museum wasn't that crowded.  :)

We arrived at the museum early in the day before lunch and left right  before they closed.  I had read before that it takes days to see everything in the museum but we were able to see all of the exhibits in one day.  Making our trip just a day trip made it a lot more affordable and we didn't have to sleep in a hotel.  Our kids never sleep well away from home so we try to avoid it if it is a reasonable option to just return home.

If you look closely you might notice that I am wearing a backpack.
It's actually Evangeline on my back but you can't see her.  
I think every one of us would agree that the huge slide in the middle of the museum was our favorite thing.  We went down it many times!  The museum was also decorated for Christmas and there were numerous winter themed activities.  Eli also said that he loved the snow ball fights that he was able to participate in.

What better way to spend your birthday?  
For lunch we enjoyed eating in the cafeteria at the museum.  The boys had pizza while I did not.  :)  Win, win for everyone!  The food was good but you could easily pack your lunch.  We did take along snacks and drinks in a small soft sided cooler.

Eli is such a delight to our family and so much fun!
Brandon and I consider turning five to almost be a right of passage birthday.  We decided to go all out and buy Elijah his first real bike.  We probably should have saved the gift for Christmas but we were just as excited to give Eli his gift as he was to receive it.  We hid it in our church's fellowship hall and had Eli go look for it.  When he walked in he said, "Hmm.  Someone left their bike here."  He had no idea that it was for him!  What a fun memory to make.  He has been riding it daily in our basement.

Eli's gift.
We are so thankful for our sweet Eli.  It is so hard to believe that he is really a whole hand!  He is really growing up fast and turning into such a big boy.

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