Sunday, September 28, 2014

Evangeline Grace: 11.5 Months Update

Eva wearing her Mamaw's dress that I also wore!  
 It's hard to believe that Evangeline will soon be one year old!  As the weather begins to change I find myself remembering back to this time last year: the wonderful Babymoon we took to Columbus two weeks before she was born, the many walks we went on as a family, a good friend's wedding, the Woolfest, the final days of gardening, and the last week or two leading up to her birth.

Eva is waving hello in this picture.
Eva continues to be quite the little jabber jaws.  :)  She says mama, daddy, uh-oh, and hi.  Evangeline has also been trying to say Bekah and Brother which comes out kind of like Bubba.  I am often asked if Eva is as happy as she appears to be.  She has her moments but most of the time she is just an absolutely delight and a bundle of joy.  I love her giggles and how her face scrunches up when she gets excited.  

Eva has started WALKING!  She took her first step about a week ago while holding her beloved doll named Baby.  Today she took a bunch of steps while at church and later at a friend's birthday party.  Such a fun memory to cherish!  Evangeline also has four teeth and is currently cutting 2 more.  

With each passing day Eva enjoys reading more and more. 
Eva's funny little quirk is that she still hates eating!  I keep introducing various foods to her and she has NO desire at all.  I am thankful that she is still nursing well.  Our nursing relationship has changed as she has gotten older which has been so fun.  She laughs, she giggles, and sometimes she just will not get down to business.  It is at those times that I just have to sit back and laugh while I enjoy a hearty laugh with my baby.  I am so thankful knowing that this beautiful season of nursing will soon pass.   Eva has finally decided that she will take a bottle in the past month or so which has been nice. She is also efficient enough at using a sippy cup that her taking a bottle really isn't necessary at this point.  (I am away from her for two evenings a week while I attend classes so I am really glad that she will finally take a bottle.)  Evangeline has impacted our lives in ways that I never dreamed and I am so thankful that God has blessed us with her.

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